Wheeler Dealers

scrap car


found a car and fuelled it

on philosophy

ran for miles, at first, that little beaut

but something went, its big end,

so unfortunately

traded in and no one guessed or knew it

a motor vehicle furnished with a wee box

for putting pennies in

to make it go

fed it full but, bugger, don’t you know it

it guzzled

charity, the needy, had to go

got another, this one was a belter,

no one knew the places it would see

all taxed and filled and raring for the open

a limousine built especially you see

fail safe gears and brakes

all paid for by some people

serfs, they were, or some such

it’s so fine

runs like clockwork

wind them

make it happen

philanthropy abused

for them and thine


needing new suppliers

for their buzzfeed



are pissed

taken to the breakers

to the cleaners

time for the knackers’ yard

where wheeler dealers

won’t be missed



Vicious unsheathed, self deliver,

Stilleto, surely, primed for blood,

Unmerciful, the act disturbed,

Barb inveigled without quiver.


Swift, ‘tween slats of ribs, a sliver,

Appointed mark, he missed, perturbed,

Vicious, unsheathed, self deliver

Stilleto, surely primed, for blood.


Rondel, coup de grace, with shiver

Stab penetrated, vented flood,

Erred of endeavour ev’ry word,

Mortal wounds, by mouth, the server

Vicious unsheathed self, deliver,

Stilleto, surely primed for blood.