Sow Love

Tan Renga Challenge #25, Angie’s “fair-colored windows”


fair-colored windows –

the barren break forth in song

better than words                       ( Angie)


melody of touch and kiss,

crescendo sows loving life       ( Me)

Meeting in Senses.

The Waiting. 


Eyes scan the platform, darting here and there, scoping strangers, frantically searching for him. Winter coverings move of their own volition. No face registers awareness. No face searches her soul, for none is he.

The train pulls in at last, new coats alighting, no recognition in the sea of movement. Left and right, garments hurry by, beyond her interest and eyes.

Then she sees him. She knows him. She has always known him. Every coat around disappears and there is only one face…..looking directly at her.


The Meeting. 


Movements speed up while time dwindles to nothing. An endless approach, eyes never leaving eyes. Distance enlarges and diminishes. Keeping two apart. And drawing them closer together.

Without warning, time returns to normal measure. Then launches into overdrive, the two racing towards one another in hurried footsteps that seek to end the waiting.

In seconds, only two exist. One to one. Eyes drink eyes for the briefest of infinite moments, acknowledging the other soul. Hands reach out, hers to touch his face. The kindest face she’s ever known.  He allows this exploration for just some seconds, knowing her need to touch his flesh, to admit the understanding. His hands then reach to clasp her head and draw her to him. He breathes her in, recognising her scent as a long known drug from other years. No more delay. Lips meet. In hunger and knowing. They begin to devour. To consume the other. A taste of honey draws two closer still. Nothing may keep them apart. No sound exists but rushing blood in the ears as circulation escalates to building pressure.

A gasp apart. A wildness in the eyes. The anxious, endless lifetime of waiting is over.


The Dance

Sentient songs and melodies

Must always melt and move.

Lyrical lessons love to sway

In arms, amour may prove.


Gentle gift of mellow dance,

Two held in music’s muse,

Inspiration leads to passion,

Taper touched to fuse.


A heady mix of cocktailed fancy,

Ardour scaling heights,

Suppressed in momentary slowness,

Heightening delights.


Thrumming chorus, soulful verse

Intercept all feeling,

Closing bars reach to the stars,

Heads and hearts left reeling.


Transfixed eyes may capture now

All that they reveal,

So sweetest kiss evolves and deepens,

Revealing all both feel.

Sensuality’s Song

Sexuality knows a secret,

It lives within the mind,

Nourishes the sensual soul,

Imagination finds



Sublime pleasures in the brain,

Transferred to earth by body,

Electrical compulsion blast,

Volcanic does embody



Eruption from the very core,

The mind, the heart, the soul,

Thankfulness in all its parts,

Making loving whole.



Re-release the woman,

Fulfil the song with glory,

Sing crescendos to the heavens.

Harmony, the story.



The man shown love with sensual song

Accompanying each new chorus,

Responds in loving heart’s desire,

Fountain flows and pours.



Celebrating love again

In joyous, radiant rapture,

Senses felt, all revealed,

Two hearts relive, recapture



A cosmic song when two belong

And love has found its path,

Fluorescent lights and stars

And mirth – such loving laugh.



A message then, if one you need,

Release the mind to know,

Reveal and celebrate to find,

Let all loving show.



Received in pleasure, given too,

Abandonment enhances,

Two rejoined in unity.

New life, new hope, new chances.



For life and worries can defeat

And thwart all expectation,

But mindful, soulful, sensual heart

Shows by demonstration.


Video reading Sensuality’s Song

Growing Young

Something in my body quivers

It’s lurking there

And gives me shivers.

I’m scared to question what it is

For fear it runs away.


So armed with map and guidance book

And torch

I’m going to have a look,

Investigate what’s going on,

Discover if there’s something wrong

Or if it will come out to play.


I remember feeling this before,

I was younger then,

A different door

For feeling thus, I can’t explain

Why they’re returning once again.

I hope they stay.


I think an alien lives here

Eating chocolate

Drinking beer.

Chocolate’s always to the good

But beer I’ve never understood.

I might give that a try.


I feel my bod is quite remiss

To not explain what all this is

But all these things I go upon

I feel I might be growing young.


Video reading Growing Young

Sensual Awakening

Sensual awakening


Fingers roam lightly to explore caves of darkness,

Unseen except in meanderings

Of thought

And phrase.

Eyes burn into darkness,

Illuminating souls

And sweetened goals.

Tastes of molten liquid fire


And scented cores seek


Senses all invoked thus

We feel our journey’s way,

Listening to heated breaths

That cause limbs and hearts to sway.

Your Voice

Your voice is quite mellifluous

In my imagination

It washes clear across my pores

And takes me to your nation.

It may be one like Hugh of Oz

That melts and quivers knees,

Or could be spoken like a kiss

That touches, breathes with ease.

It could be a Canadian

Or US dialect,

It could be Scots or Irish

With a something in its fleck.

It could be just my hearing

That warms to accents so.

It may be just the words you say

That cause ears and heart to glow.


Do You Understand?

Do you understand

My sensual wanting

Do you see and view

My need

Does captivity

Of feeling


An endless

Aching need

Does nurture play a part

In who

Created thus I am

Or is nature


Determined to

Lay claim

To This


It causes

To so many

Who can

Or cannot



All enveloped


To be

All that

I am

OK, This One Is For Chocolate

Eyes gaze lovingly

At purple clad delight,

Tongue moistens lips in readiness,

Teeth long to take a bite.


Fingers fumble with the foil

Of loveliness portrayed,

Then, desperately, rip cover off,

No more to be waylaid.


Unclothed in all its splendour,

Just asking to be taken,

Velvet touch and sinful taste,

Now all senses shall awaken.


The look of such, the smell, the taste!

Wrinkled foil discard,

Endorphins surging through my core,

Melting softness from the hard.


With pot of tea, this illicit lust

Is wanton-filled with pleasure.

It is not sex, it’s chocolate

But who cares? They’re both a treasure.

Many Ways

Speak love;                          hold fast my fascination,

Into my mind;                    ease such sweet frustration,

Tell me;                                 in words of dedication,

Show me;                            end my sublimation.

Please me;                           in ways of deviation,

Take me;                              release each rapt sensation,

Mould me;                           with tender observation.

Sing to me;                          another soul rendition,

Own me;                              I hear your plea’s petition.

Wonder not;                       no obvious solution,

Forgive me;                         I need your absolution.

Forget me.                          A hopeless persecution.

Hopefully, it should make sense reading right across or down either column. Maybe even bottom to top? Just noticed.