Sex and After Sex – a poem by John Ian Bush

Part One




Beautiful limbs,



Soaked and wrapped


Lust and

Sweaty, sweaty flesh — soft.

Fingers curled over thighs and hips and the sides of stomachs,

Now sticky.

Man and women alike, now beastly.

Man and woman alike,

Stuck in the passions of horny sexually self,

That has been buried by self denial.

For that brief sweaty moment, we say fuck the self denial!

Be nude,

In bed,

Under blankets and sheets

In the bathroom,

Ass on sink,

Bare back against the mirror,

Toothbrushes hitting the floor!

Moans of honest, beastly pleasure!

Oh, Pleasure!

Oh, Pleasure!




Yes, yes!


Fuck the self denial!



Part Two


After Sex:

Lights on,

Sheets wet,

Thighs wet,

Pillow cover in drool,

The comforters on the floor,

Under her panties,

Under her bra,

Under my underwear and jeans and shirts,

The now used condom.

Nipples and cocks hard and raw.

Her arms hanging over the bed,

Legs pressed together,

covering her body with the wet sheets, embarrassed.

The smell of cherry flavored cough drops hung on her breath,

She’s covering the smell of burning tobacco and cock.