No Shield

Another wee shot at a Shakespearean sonnet. Well, we can but try even if we’ll never emulate. 😉


Who wears the chain mail gathered at the breast?

Who worries at the hurt ardour may cause?

Encasing heart within at such request,

Faint love, indemnified with bartered clause.

No shield protection guarantees the soul.

Why welcome icy tendrils to encase?

Each injury a lesson once foretold;

Enmeshed, the beating one, cold fingers lace.

Reveal in naked splendour all you are,

A wondrous sight for weary eyes, behold!

In heaven shining, morning glory’s star.

Risk all for love, no armoury, be bold!

Seek only purest love and Eros’ dart.

Begin again; let shackles fall apart.