How We Gathered

How may we gather in the valleys then,

‘neath sisters three whipped wild and crowned with snow,

How find the wilderness we lost again,

Telepathy in footsteps led below.

How, when silenced, stardust stare to heavens,

Search still sequestered truth in long gone light,

Be the canyon, rift within the riven,

Attuned receptacles of shifting night.

How, attention turned, midst highlands wakened,

Accordance cast in near and distant shores,

Elemental fabric drift, so quickened,

Beat syncopate to breathing mountain core.

Dispersed anew, that dream, the turn is dawn, 

How gathered, diaspora we, reformed.


Attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet.


Would rain cease to fall if our love ended?

Oceans and waterways parched into land?

Clear skies disclosed, cloudy days transcended,

Drought and aridity forced by fate’s hand?

Should sun bursts of loving, scattered and few,

Cast shadows on earth and thirst for all man,

Could we forgive any need to eschew,

Or safeguard future as best as we can?

Drenched in outpouring of heavenly storm

We gaze into blue and plead for release,

Monsoon’s donation absorbed without harm,

Entreaties to god to hear earnest pleas;

Tempests’ cascades to shower forever,

Flooding bank balance of deepest river.