Buddha Knows Best


waiting for first coat to dry

pegging out clothes on the line

ivory tint in ponytailed hair

clotted cream scones tasting fine


pen and a coffee at hand

doodling flowers in the sun

soda and lime and ink on a page

ecstatic that summer has come


music chosen by kids

buddha sat under tree

lotused repose in semi-closed eyes

replete and contented like me


windows of soul opened wide

faint breeze to filter on through

leaves of green gratitude canopies all

wishing the same for all you


Pegging Out With Pole Tig – ‘sad’ acts apply within


A wee bit sad,

Little things that make this housewife cheer,

Washing on the line

Because the weather’s fine,

Might be sad but grinning ear to ear. 🙂

Knickers in the breeze,

Drying day to please,

Simple pleasures really are my thing,

Another load is on,

Some sunshine, can’t go wrong,

Writing silly ditties in between.

Sun just rocks my socks,

Getting my rocks off,

Washing, scrubbing, sad act that I am,

Fluttering in the air,

Like laundry hung out there,

Playing housewife just because I can.

Very simply true,

‘Tween you ‘n’ me, we two,

Teaching keeps me busy all term time, so

When holidays roll round,

Or on weekends, I’ll be found,

Doing what all other housewives do.

Catching up on chores,

Risking kids be bored

By thankless tasks that make their eyeballs roll,

Think that I’m a fool?

Well, here’s the golden rule,

Bribe them, sugar spoonful, that’s the goal.

They’ll thank me come the day

They learned how to play

Working in the sunshine, way cool gig,

For in between each bout

We’re running all about

Learning garden games; they love ‘Pole Tig’.

So yeah, chores can be some fun

And when the chores are done

Mary Poppins’ bag holds every trick

A charm or two inside,

Stretch it open wide,

Imagination, smiles that make kids tick.

No lament from me,

‘Cause I have got the key,

Brighter days are here along with Spring,

Pegging out the days,

Working while we play,

Mummy’s home from school. I guess part-time. :/



Before the globe,

was there a flat map

of a flat world,

little matchstick people,

standing around,

afraid to fall off the edge?

Is it any less strange than

to think of us teetering,

stuck out at odd angles

from the sides

of a sphere,

like the flares from the sun,

each one

a gaseous wonder

breezing into air

and colouring


Reaching toward the

Karman Line,

trusting in the lift

and velocity,

to take us higher

than gravity,



reaching always;


to terminal,

thinning into 


inhaling negative 

and positive


I know I stand upright,

most days,

when I’m not flat on my back

or kneeling,

praying for

a world where

gaseous exchange is unequal

and trust,

as a commodity

in short supply,

is the only thing keeping us

sticking to the surface.


All those posts on fire. This one most of all.  


At world’s end,

In beauteous land,

Natural element

Takes a stand,

Creating chaos

Where it dares,

Ribbons of fire,

Crimson flares.


Destruction wrought,

Promethean power

Smothers nature

Day and hour,

Fighting battle’s

Raging roar,

Anguished citizens’

Hearts full sore.


In thoughts and prayers

We offer you


And wishes true,

That all may cease

So peace to reign

In beauty’s bounty

Abide again.



All fantasy, reality, fused in one,

Love revealed, to inferno does succumb,

A moment’s revelation and desire,

Devoured by flame of passion’s burning fire.



At heaven’s secret gift,


To cause all hearts to lift


Eyes unto the stars

So late at night

Revealing source of ecstasy,

Torture and delight.


All hope remains while

Breath is on this earth,

Razed in love,

Awaiting soul’s rebirth


Such fire rages

Consumes all very reason,

Blinds the eyes,

Temptation touches treason.



Disclaimer!  (These photos are the copyright of others’ but unknown to me. Some are from national newspapers and others from private individuals. I will gladly allocate credit if claimed.)

With thanks to Mark’s Gallery for these pictures he posted, depicting bush fires currently rampant in Australia. He kindly obliged with photos of Fire after I had joked that I was going to write poems working my way through all the elements, having done some on Air and Water. These pictures, although of actual events, elicited in me an entirely different sort of response. My apologies if some of them are depressing! But some of them are loving and sensual. So a good balance I would say, eh?

Something New Under The Sun, I Believe

There’s nothing new under the sun, they say.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

It’s all shared experience and common emotion.

There’s nothing new under the sun.


Seen it all before, they say,

We’ve seen it all before.

Life is a circle, spinning around.

We’ve seen it and done it before.


I want to do something different, we say.

Need to do something different today.

I need to express, to answer a quest.

I want to do something different today.


Why bother your arse with a plan, they say?

Why bother your arse with a plan?

God will just laugh and change it, they say.

Why bother your arse with a plan?


If I don’t do something worthwhile, I say.

If I don’t do something worthwhile.

I might as well die and decay, I say,

If I don’t do something worthwhile.


I have a purpose for life, I shout.

I have a purpose for life.

I just have to figure it out, I say

I just have to figure it out.


There’s something new under the sun today

I’ve never seen it before.

I searched for a reason for life, I say.

I knocked and He answered the door.


There’s something new under the sun, I believe.

There’s something new under the sun.

Each unique soul has a goal, I believe,

That’s something new under the sun.