La La Land

We’re all living in la la land

We know, we’re here and we’ve seen

Scenes and people who act out of sorts

Who don’t say what they think that they mean



So weird when you’re living in la la land

With the comings and goings that seem

To superimpose a reality that’s false

On the lives of those caught in between



Bizarre are the sightings in strange la la land

Galleries once unforeseen

Semblant sanity stuck in our craws

Distortion of movements obscene



It’s said when you’re living in la la land

Survival depends on serene

Pretence and delusion at what is the cause

Drifting through it as if it’s a dream



Some of the happenings in la la land

Rival strange stories from screen

Productions directed with too many flaws

Churned out from a failing machine



Watching the workings of la la land

And doing our damnedest to glean

Whether the movie’s on fast forward or pause

Or rewinding to where we have been



Reckon we’re all actors in la la land

Backstage behind a smokescreen

And when the air clears – or not – as sod’s law

Expert critics will pan what they’ve seen



Gondoliers of Light

surreal pic 1

Navigated clouds, we did,

Packed for journey’s end,

Gondolier’d beams’ passages

Through gate of soul’s best friend.

Rode on waves of denser mass,

Cast shadows far below,

Soared to heights of ecstasy,

Paid dues for Peter’s show.

Lived the light, drank in its worth,

Streamed it through the night,

Believed in dawn, its heraldry,

Basked in glory bright.

Travelled far in torpor’s wake,

Languid in our bliss,

Transcended life in heaven’s arms,

Partook of its warm kiss.

Image courtesy of sattva /