Back And Back Again

Travelled back in time today,

Journey of five miles,

DeLorean was absent

But present other thrills.

Contemporaries of Glasgow Girls,

Rennie Mackintosh,

Sarcophagus, a spitfire,

Hanging Heads, good gosh!

Fossils ancient, curios,

Windows In The West,

Clock stood still at different points,

Fast-forwarded the rest.

So back in time again I went

Swung through air, limbs stretched,

Head thrown back last century,

Not terribly far-fetched.

Then back to future for some hours,

Three or four at best,

And off again to eighties,

Saw that as a test.

Guess the songs, the words, the acts,

What was that name once when,

Their singing, dance, endeavour

Transported back again

To sleep, to sleep, perchance to stay

Present for a while,

Travelled back three times today,

Total journey of twelve miles.