Floral Triangulation

star of david lotus


From base ascend to apex

By root through centre


Through middle with alignment

Invert one pyramid

Star is found

From basic to the utmost

Via heart

Apologues purloined

Floral triangulation

Symbolic world



Lay Love

Lay love, if honestly, for who needs petals,

petals wilt and die,

as so they must,

lay love upon the earth, where life is buried,

love returns to source,

as all, to dust.

Lay love where’er we visit, who needs roses,

flowers fade away

like coloured time,

lay love upon each head, before the tombstones,

‘ere the death, lay love,

most potent sign.

The legacy was love, who mentioned flowers,

flowers are forgotten,

turn to seed,

lay love, upon each passing, before passing,

love’s wreath is all t’was asked for,

all we need.

F This (may cause offense to delicate sensibilities or anyone younger than em, 12 maybe?)

Can’t we all be f#*°®¥°*¢ friends

As birds that f#*°¢ together

F*°«~*’s such a better choice

If we all had f¢¥* f#*°®¥°#


I used to couldn’t swear, it’s true,

Erupted just instead,

Blessed myself and wondered why

Couldn’t even curse in head,

Then thought a bit about some words

And joy of all behold,

Realised perception’s worth,

I practised, grew quite bold.

Didn’t say them when they caused

Any deep offense,

Didn’t say them to my dad,

You’re joking, not that dense.

But found that words like feck and fuck

And shit and sod and damn

Kept volcanic in its place,

Accursed sort of dam.

Use them sometimes as a laugh,

Some jokes just need that jest,

Other times I use them, well,

Hubby knows those best.

Found a fuck to give right here,

Well many, just be warned,

Fucks aplenty, no asterisks,

But, with humour, lessons learned.

Haven’t counted but I know

There are fucks galore

But funny fucks and useful fucks,

I’m keeping some in store.

Only one that I can’t see

Is one I wrote at first ^^^^

Flying fucks from feathered friends

With not a single curse.

Symbols might suggest there’s more

Than merely letters missed

We fill the blanks in anyway

So no censorship for this.


This Now

Imperative, in night, this gives

Command brooks

Quiet, this resistance,

Now see, stand!

Energy you feel, this floating

Room alive

Now know inside, this flight

Of possible, now real,

Pillow weight, this light, forfeit


Lift birth, this knows

Now smiles

Persuasive love, this coos,

Askance in understanding,

Ghosts of nodding

This, in recognition, now

Those all around,

Who is the ghost

Now this

From sight above.

Daubs Deployed

Whispers echo still, enlighten’d darkness,

Linger, longing, found in cyberspace,

Heard beyond all planetary, winsome,

I hear them then I picture words and face.

Whispers rise up, somehow are converted,

Awesomely configured, rendered, changed,

I can’t conceive of how a brain invented

Ways to alter speech, so rearranged.

I guess it started with some daubs on cave walls,

Grunts to graphics, pics for history,

Some cuneiform and hieroglyphs translating

Thoughts to page awaiting you and me,

Some ink pens then, calligraphy, that beauty,

Painstaking effort, patient and adorned,

Greek, Semitic, Arabic and Chinese

Marks upon some parchment to inform.

I’m thinking then of smoke and drums and phone calls

And telegraphs that sped the process on,

Who knew that one day someone could encrypt so

And fire words to ether coded, formed.

Thinking typewriters, TV and now Skyping,

Measures that foreclose the distance, space,

So techy I can barely understand it

But glad still that the progress had its place.

I’m putting down my pen now, words on paper,

Typing from the symbols, thoughts to all,

Sending code still daubed, deployed as little pictures,

Some abstracted, etched forever on my cavern’s wall.

Faith In One Feather

Once, feather requested

for token belief,

his faith so diminished by

Life’s common thief.

His symbol of grace,

renewed by the milk of

liquid enchantment, formed

creamy white silk,

wrapped now in thoughts

that all may be well,

imagined, held clearly till

cause-effect weaves its spell

of tropical bounty

toughened by strife,

sweetened by truth of

renewable life,

where possible visions

enact in the mind,

tacit compliance

till treasure he finds.


Ubiquitous in heraldry,

Twice blessed upon Scots’ Arms,

Mythical and magical,

Succumbs to virgin charms.

Innocence and purity,

Horned to bless and heal,

Nurtured joy, virility,

Unto only one would kneel.



Espied, despised,

one hundred eyes

accursed nymph


Lust by one

in clouded form,




In heifer shape,

all eyes suspect

till severed

head displaced.

Musical reeds and

fables told,

dispatcher aids



With phallic ‘I’

merge vulvic ‘O’


dwelling union.

In deity’s

salvation quest

mystic myth



Male to female,

east to west,

ford of the

holy cow.

‘Neath crescent light

from fate take flight

plagued in here

and now


In dusty ground,


my name,

familial recognition.

Grief outsourced,

mercy shown,

godly justice,

full contrition


 In rightful form,

upon the Nile,

by beauty

heaven sent.

Pursued again

in hearts of men.




Promethean word

all hope imbued,

unto him

all hope returned.

By hand of god

one son full born,

half man,

released his bond.


In IO found

a dwelling place,

floods of deep


From sacred stock

a rainbow forms;

rebirth, belief,