Salt Talks

Flavour gone from food when salt is missing,

Famine, feast or fast, it’s all the same,

Every morsel merely for nutrition,

Tasteless platters, menu’s not to blame.

Appetising entrees through to crackers,

Each and every course that looks a sight,

None appeal, untested, quite unwilling,

No temptation for a single bite.

Tasted years ago and though they looked fine,

Appealing on the card and on the plate,

Every bite partaken minus salt mine,

Nothing short of tasteless, ain’t that great,

Fancy restaurants and all those chefs there

Offering hors d’oeuvres and the rest,

Couldn’t tempt, not even little nibble,

Salted tried and salted tasted best.

Salted slightly, not to overdosing,

Just right, she said, when trying three bowls full,

Rejected others, liked her porridge full and fulsome,

Who requests or likes diluted gruel.

Flavour gone from food when salt is absent,

A dose or two, my appetite is grand,

I carry salt, for luck, across my shoulder

And for taste because, without it, life is bland.



In prophecy, she comes to you,

dream beyond pannier’d delights,

floral fragrance, cocoa’d core,

soft and sweet, delicious bite;

warm to touch,

essential meal,

butter’d melt

to taste, reveal.

No crumbs of comfort,

hearty sight,

fulfilling pain,

harvest, excite.

Slumber’d eyes,

token taste,

supped crimson tongue,

refinement, interlaced.

Foretaste Of Heaven

Seekers ask why and who, what and when

And where and, usually, how,

Must I live to ensure clear fulfilment

In life lived in the here and the now.


Hunters espy the target they seek

And plan how to meet the provisions,

Situate selves to best prey entrap

To achieve successful mission.


Quarry runs scared in every direction

Afraid to settle, except only themselves to hide,

Eyes darting always in fear of detection.

Life lived but with terror inside.


Learners believe that life is a book,

Encyclopaedic in nature

With facts to be learned by rote, kept in mind,

Often to prove their own stature.


Scientists experiment with wondrous array

Of elementary particles of land

Take notes and measure, test out their theories,

Dismiss faith often quite out of hand.


Lovers embrace that thing known as love,

Yearn for love gained and given.

Many there are who seek many ways

To experience a foretaste of heaven.

Sensory Opiate

Petals perfumed for the purpose,

Sweetly scented just for us,

Scattered from above to rest abed.

Fragile flower fragments,

Tinted pink and white pigments,

Pillowing softly our two heads.


Subtly stirring in the air,

Bouquet of roses in our hair,

Drowsy opiate of love’s addiction.

We turn and gather close,

Bodies melding head to toes.

Soporific lovers’ benediction.