Penchant For Audacity

A penchant for audacity marked his card,

His death warrant too if truth be told,

Never could resist a cause, his calling

To be brave, to be fearless, to be bold.

A penchant for audacity was his downfall,

Tho’ they say he never died, his legend thrives,

Witnessed to by others who still know it,

Audacious guarantees eventful lives.

A penchant for audacity has spoken

From pulpits, prisons, pioneered new thought,

Sometimes been arrested or imprisoned,

Occasions where audacity’s been shot.

How rarely circumscribed are those believers

Who challenge change and ask what most will not,

How rarely is audacious preferred penchant,

Too rarely, sadly, not a hell of a whole lot.


Then there are the bastard children of audacious,

The megamouths who are not quite the same,

Gargantuan in ego, in no way courageous,

Giving penchant for audacity a bad name.