Slice Of Sunday

I love Sundays. They’re so – what’s the word – languorous. I still wake early but there’s a whole other tempo to the waking and the day ahead. Instead of rushing about and prepping for work with minutes chasing each other around on the clock I get to come to slowly and the minutes themselves seem to slow down with me.

It’s after nine now and no one is up apart from hubs who’s heading off to a race meet – don’t know where he gets his energy. He’ll run rings round some cross-country or road event while I drink coffee in bed and catch up on blogs. The kids will surface eventually – all sleepy-eyed and tousled. Maybe they’ll jump in beside me for a snuggle before heading downstairs to watch some TV and munch cereal. They’re at the age now where I don’t need to be the one pouring Corn Flakes. It’s a simple thing but so pleasant not to have to be on duty.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this stuff. I don’t even do it on FB! But, you’re all kind of our there at different points in your own day, maybe getting busy for some event or relaxing too. You might even still be sleeping. In which case, I’m talking to myself! But that’s ok. At some point you’ll rouse too and begin your day in whatever way you do on a Sunday.

I hope it’s a pleasant one. One where you have company if you want or need it, or a quiet, peaceful one like mine.

Anything I have to do can be pushed back for a few hours and that is why I love Sundays. Pressure off. Time to muse and peruse.

The minute hand will return to normal speed eventually, later today. But, right now, it’s sipping coffee with me and we’re pals.

Have a great day.