Her Sweet Allure

She strolls in, chasing good intentions far and wide,

Crooks her little finger, moues a kiss,

Winks suggestion that she might be kidding,

Creates a space no other fits inside.



Allure is seeping from her very nail tips,

Those around will pander when she pouts,

Feline eyes of green, lithsome swagger,

She commands her right, her courtiers dip.



Sashays forward, inch by inch, and wiggles,

Knows full well effect she has on all,

Swooning voyeurs salivate, she works it

Round resisters saunters, stifling giggles.



For me, complexion is a milky brown tone,

Preferably with black in train, the two,

Combination perfect, my Temptation,

Irresistible, don’t know about you.



Parisian Sin

Add colours to your palette,

Greens and cobalt blue,

Yellows sourced from saffron,

Pigments of purple hue.

Dabble with the rainbow layered,

Brush upon the silk,

Breathe life into my picture,

Create me from paint spilt

Upon my skin, a tattoo’d blush,

Effusing limb to limb,

Your mark diffused in attic’d light,

Parisian in sin.

Spread, apply, with fingers deft,

Decree a new form born,

Unequalled art in tone and touch,

Picasso’d by lovelorn

Revisited each time to free

The picture held within,

Blend the magic twixt we two,

Masterpiece therein.

Unencumbered chaise and rug,

A naked revelation,

Smudged together, canvassed flesh,

Signed, ‘Love/Lust’, artist’s temptation.


Dance With The Devil

I don’t do dark very well – it scares me! But I thought I’d try my hand at devil’s advocate.


Will you dance if I dine at your table,

If I furnish your hearts deepest desire?

Will you welcome my arms twined around you

While I lead you on the dance floor of fire?

Will you sway when promised heaven on earth

Though I bind it to the cost of your soul,

Will you forego nirvana eternal,

Negate elusive Elysian goal?


Will you feed from my hand if I proffer,

Twirling you in a frenzy of delight,

Will you swoon at my feet when exhausted

And I summon in Babylon of night?

Will you beg if I torment your spirit,

Abandon you pinned, flower to the wall,

Stretched beyond your every endurance,

Should I catch when you are ready to fall?


If I guarantee worldly successes,

As an exchange for a waltz with your mind,

Will you welcome my evil excesses,

Assist me in my most hellish designs?

May I offer exact allocation,

Fetch a price for your hand to my hot touch,

Prostitute values and weaken, survey

Temptation’s acreage, breadths of my reach?


Will you sashay in joint admiration

While I false praise you, inflating your pride,

Have my words reached core of your vanity,

Will you unveil as my spouse, stand by side?

Shall I teach you beyond luminescence,

Revealing ominous behind closed doors,

Shall we frolic with innocence and goodness,

Sweep these charlatans from searing dance floor?


Can you bide with the devil anointed,

Impressed deeply in the hearts of all men,

Or cast me from task, duty appointed,

To begin asking all over again?

May I rest at your table while thoughts war,

Till you test your resistance to my charm,

May I offer some spirit to savour

As you weigh up the pros and cons of harm?


Remember I dwell fast within you, though

You fight me and address as external,

Dance with me, partner, ignore all the risks,

Embrace me as your power internal.

You’ll regret if you shun my advances,

Dismiss earnest request for all your hands,

When my power’s seized by those who crave it,

Destruction viewed and rued  in cast-off lands.


I’m counting the minutes of this music,

Tapping foot as you mull my overtures,

I’ve tried, no one can fault me for effort,

Revealed to you the best of all my lures.

You’re declining when I seek your favour?

You won’t dance, you say? I need not do more

As long as you don’t dance with the other,

I have accomplished, completed my chore.


Excuse while I move around the tables,

My feet are itching, ready still to dance,

Some among the many gathered hereabouts

Are pining and would welcome, given chance,

To glide round the parquet with the devil,

Grasp my claws, all they offer and bestow,

Unoffended by your blunt refusal,

I have a world to dance with, just so you know.


Breaths combined, eyes locked, allured,

Inches far apart,

Rising tide of wanting,

Neither one may start.


Passion builds with waiting

And heated hands do twitch

Reach out to touch, envelop,

Take fever to its pitch.


The look now broken by a thought,

A glance away to press the urge.

Look once more into the soul,

Feel the aching surge.


Now lean to kiss, the slightest touch,

With promises of more.

A tantalising taste of honey,

Shivers to the core.


And all at once, the dam has burst,

And hunger’s needs are met,

Falling to the rising tide

And drenched in wettest sweat.


Assuaged, the delight, the fascination

Ought to be abated,

But longing looks and lustful thoughts know much more

Will come. But that has been X-rated.