Recalled with Thanks

We don’t do Thanksgiving here in Scotland. But we do do giving thanks. (That doesn’t sound right…do do). Anyway…

Today I recollect the day of my mum’s death.

Cheery, I know. But it is, in many ways, because I get to give thanks to her for being my mum, for being who she was and who she still is, living on in my mind and heart.

I get to remember her and all the people I love because that was what she was all about.

She and my dad. Fourteen days from now I get to especially remember him all over again.

I get to think about what mattered to them and how they went about it in their everydayness. I can do that anytime, I know. But today makes me reflect more fully on all that I have to be thankful for, past, present and future.

And because I’m thankful for so many wonderful people in my life and the love that surrounds me I want to pass it on.

Thank you to all who read these pages. And thank you to all my beautiful guests who carried this blog for the month of November. I really struggle to find words of apt appreciation. You showed love and I love you for it.

Thank you all.x



Awakened – a work in progress

Slightly more then half way through the month of November now and I’m still enthused with my novel – a work still in progress. But I would not have concentrated as I have been able to if it were not for all friends here – and you all feel as friends to me – who have contributed as guests while I fashion something from thoughts gleaned from here, there and everywhere.

So heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed. Keep them coming. And many thanks to those who continue to read even while I neglect posts I am saving. You don’t want to see my inbox! I might need to cheat and start afresh. Well, at least I’m owning up. 😉

I can see light at the end of the tunnel, even if it might end up as a train wreck. Fingers crossed the light is a star. Or at least a reflection.

I was thinking about giving some sort of idea as to what my book is about and this below is by way of a synopsis. No space travel is involved – thought it might look like that after I read it back! – but there is Scotland, there is history, there is connection across time and between family and friends unknown. There is something of the journey I have taken here on WP and something of the conversations and thoughts I’ve had most of my life. There is love. There is unity. And there is hope. Wouldn’t be me otherwise, now would it?

I actually feel a bit weepy with the end of the first draft somewhere in sight and the feeling of connection I have to all of you here and across the many miles. I love you, do you know that? OK, now there are tears. I’m going. Thank you once again.x


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We left each other there at idle stations,

Struggled on as one bereft, alone,

Lost connection, all as island nations,

Guilt and fear, betrayal, must atone.


We travelled far in merchant ships, cross’d starry ocean’s skyline,

Left behind the soul of deep regret, neglect,

Hid behind the screens and masks of  silence,

Partook of fleshly flavours’ disconnect.


Across the heavens blinked a morse of meaning,

Signalled off-shore, inland, to the great beyond,

Synapsed charges, beams of light reflected,

Curtailed, at first, then merged, as minds respond.


Caught in ether, rising from the mountains,

In and through and with all hist’ry lent,

Past and future, present, now collided,

Disconnect and fear, all secrets spent.


Fused as one, returned the absolution,

Light to light, darkness out of nothing, night responds,

Union forged, ethereal communion,

Evolution swift in coming dawns.



In Awe

In Awe. Alternative award post. Video rather than written. Well, I’m shattered! And relaxing. And talking is so much easier than writing. Well, it is. 🙂 x


Ali And I don’t even know how I managed to leave Ali out of my video. I’m not doing the video again. Are you joking me? It’s tomorrow already. But, Ali, one of the truth speakers on difficult subjects, you’re there with the others mentioned. Blame Friday. And tiredness. 😉

Rene You rock! Hang on in there. When the deal is done you can raise the victory. One direction or other.

Shirley Soul sister fearlessly living and telling it how it is.

Trey Not his funny posts but an insight into a difficult subject. The funnies are well worth a read though!

Morgan Just so romantic! And words worthy of love.

John Afraid. And unafraid. Touching subjects some just dare to.

Desiree The eyes of the world. And a soul.

Poetic Passions Not one of his risque ones! But I love this. My absolute favourite.

Maryrose One of the ones that Maryrose does so well.  Listens to whispers on the wind then passes on truth that free thoughts.

Mike Learning what matters. And proving it in words. And in living.

Kerry Thanks, Kerry. Isn’t it awful always to need a nudge to get going? 😉





Thanks Miss B.

So I went along to the open evening for my old school’s closure. It was a lovely night.

Best of all, my favourite teacher of all time was there. Miss B., the one who had taught me in Primary 7. She looked fabulous and she must be in her late seventies.

It’s a curious thing. A lot of the teachers I see look amazing after they’ve retired. I’ve got that to look forward to!

I finally got to say to her what I’ve always wanted to say.

‘Thanks. For being the best of my teachers through primary, secondary and college.’

And I got to hug her. She even remembered who I was without me having to tell her. I was delighted.

I wonder how many of my former pupils I will remember when I’m her age. Or how many will remember me.

It’s quite scary to encounter children you have taught with their own kids in tow. You just don’t realise how the years fly.