I hung around too long in tomorrow

awaited you in dated yesterdays

loitered on the cusp of nearly knowing

debated future’s past, dismissed delays

missed you moments melded into timeless

motility I rued and cursed the dream

fusion forced all time into the present

I’m stuck forever in a damned zone while

you’re lost to me in spatial time machine


I don’t get it either but it was a great movie. Anything with time travel in it has me losing a chess game in my head after the first couple of moves. Doesn’t stop me loving it though. 


Back And Back Again

Travelled back in time today,

Journey of five miles,

DeLorean was absent

But present other thrills.

Contemporaries of Glasgow Girls,

Rennie Mackintosh,

Sarcophagus, a spitfire,

Hanging Heads, good gosh!

Fossils ancient, curios,

Windows In The West,

Clock stood still at different points,

Fast-forwarded the rest.

So back in time again I went

Swung through air, limbs stretched,

Head thrown back last century,

Not terribly far-fetched.

Then back to future for some hours,

Three or four at best,

And off again to eighties,

Saw that as a test.

Guess the songs, the words, the acts,

What was that name once when,

Their singing, dance, endeavour

Transported back again

To sleep, to sleep, perchance to stay

Present for a while,

Travelled back three times today,

Total journey of twelve miles.

We Come

We don’t come to bring you down.

You do that to yourselves.

Travellers here from far-off lands,

Others follow,

There are plans


You’ll never know.

We won’t tell all

Till passing time reveals.

The nature of our purpose here

Travel, space conceals.


Treasures hidden in the stars


Vacuum, space.

No, we don’t come to bring you down.

You do that as a race.


We don’t settle once we come.

Ephemeral passing,

Little here to seek.

We, as voyeurs, write the heavens.

Chaos and cosmos speak.


We don’t bring censure,


That’s not for us to try.

Mere observations for firmament’s

Unfolding, endless sky.