In Moderation

Comments missed,

though unintended,

Default settings changed

to ease the strain,

Unmoderated, means

some got right by me,

Mortified I might

do this again.

Twiddled with the knobs,

reset the buttons,

Moderating so that

I won’t miss,

Always much appreciated, kindly,

take this poem as a virtual kiss.

This does mean, however,

that you’re pending,

And time is rarely seen

as my best friend

But I’d rather take the time

to answer always

Than risk the chance of

doing that again.

Apologies to kindly readers,

Don’t now know how many may have sneaked on by,

I’m trusting I can keep up, beg your patience,

Enemied by time but I will try.



Nearly Naked

Shimmied off

her overcoat,

discarded carelessly, 

Blind to loss,

much more to come, 

leisured surety,

Layers peeled off, 


dropped in sauntered song,

Waved to distance, 


stepped she gaily on, 

Promenaded pointedly,


as she went,

Naked nearly, time waves back, 

wardrobe emptied,

clothes just lent.

Man Knows It

Old masters, new voices,

Same lyrics, fresh choices,

Classic music, innovative songs,

Yesterday’s kids and today’s belong.

Man knows it, present still,

Past, future colliding, always will.


How can you stand the silence
That pervades when we all cry?
How can you watch the violence
That erupts before your eyes?

How can you tell us something
Just to keep us hangin’ on?
Somethin’ that just don’t mean nothing
When we see it you are gone

Clinging to some other rainbow
While we’re standing, waiting in the cold
Tellin’ us the same old story
Knowin’ time is growin’ old

That was a wonderful remark
I had my eyes closed in the dark
I sighed a million sighs
I told a million lies to myself, to myself

How can we listen to you
When we know your talk is cheap?
How can we ever question
Why we give more and you keep?

How can your empty laughter
Fill a room like ours with joy
When you’re only playing with us
Like a child does with a toy?

How can we ever feel the freedom
Or the flame lit by the spark?
How can we ever come out even
When reality is stark?

That was a wonderful remark
I had my eyes closed in the dark, yeah
I sighed a million sighs
I told a million lies to myself, to myself

Baby, to myself
Baby, to myself
To myself, to myself
To myself

(Van Morrison, Wonderful Remark)

Traffic Jam

I keep missing comments and fond familiar voices,

Apologies to all concerned,

In time-restricted choices.

Another week of trafficking in all their dirty tricks

Should see me back to normal,

Far removed from politics,

At least on board to reading other stuff but guff,

Honest to god, now passed my chin,

Nearly had enough.

Some light romance, some music, a video or two,

Some photographs, a few more jokes,

Anything would do.

One more week, well, less in fact, then, bugger, I’ve reports,

Twenty-six, my darling kids,

Progress, tricks, endeavour for six-year old cohort.

Pretty soon, as time will tell, I’ll get to browse again,

Until then, apologies

For bypassing bloggy friends.

Between Two Poles

Located within reach,

just catching,

t’internet halts halfway

between two poles,

can pick up

further down

but neighbours

wouldn’t like it.


don’t know their passwords

till I’m told.

Ignore this shite,

I’m blogging ’cause I can do,

halfway ‘tween two poles,

I’ve found the line,

bleedin’ rhymes

are doing my brain in

but they’ll do in yours

before they do in mine.

Caught between prolific

and tormentin’,

trapped between

the devil and the deep,

let me finish up here

and I’ll try to

hold my schtum

with not another peep.

Caught between

the sunshine and the shady,

equidistant with

insane and not quite gone,

sitting in between

two rows of washing,

between two poles.

That’s it.

I think I’m done.


Feck it. I’m making no promises.  😉


Virtual Conversations

Too little time to gather each memento,

Tokens only, second best, it’s true,

Each a valued part of all our yesterdays,

Virtual realities of you.

Here’s the service, china that you cherished,

Inside the case of glass so worldly old,

Incongruous among the modern,

Patina still polished, burnished gold.

There’s blue Willow Pattern, studied paintwork,

Aladdin’s lamp that took your fancy too,

Books on every subject that you purchased,

Read, shared, discussed, in nights where me and you

Sat up in the small hours drinking whisky,

Passion flying in between debate,

Nothing ever vetoed in discussion,

We didn’t know then time was running late.

Time, the bastard child of loving parents,

Belonging nowhere, orphaned while we muse

Each and every small memento looked on,

I’d swap them all for one more night with you.

My mother died five years ago, it’s not the anniversary of her death but she’s been in my mind a lot this while back. Dreams of her, conversations in the dreams, looks I know so well. Whenever this occurs I know there’s something I need to listen to, something I would have discussed with her, something that’s eluding my full understanding or something I’m ignoring. She was good on the somethings and the everythings. Nothing ever vetoed. Need to listen now. Or she’ll skelp my arse! And I’d welcome it for one more real conversation.



Lend, for a moment, your heartbeat,

Unfettered by casing of skin,

Unbidden to work for its living,

Unhurt, untouched by all sin.

Listen as heartbeat pounds softly,

Desirous of body around,

Pendulum longing for spirit,

Soul seeking heart to be found.

Watch as they merge close and closer

Enmeshed for the time that it takes,

See how they work out their passage,

Together for goodness’ sake.

Take back your heart while still beating,

Breath it with spirit you’ve known,

Flesh it and, when moved together,

Give it a life of its own.

Excise your heart with incision,

Pare it to beat at its best,

Timepiece of rarest precision,

Gifted for life and no less.

Examined now, proper procedure,

Surgeon and scalpel remove,

Operational, heart with a purpose,

Heart given back, fit to prove.


Distant Voices

Almost there now

In the unbegotten,

A time or two

Should see to history,

Nearly over

Voices vague, forgotten,

 A spell or two,

Absent magic, invisibility.

Lessons learned there,

Uncertainly remembered,

Mistakes repeat,

Repeat, repeat, forget,

Hold the moments,

Abstinence to treasure,

Voices distant

Not quite unforgotten yet.