Routes To Nowhere

Never got his kicks

On Route 66

By the time he found the will the way was gone

Met his highs with different load

Than freedom trail on Mother Road

Find your kicks, son, where you must belong


Never climbed the highest towers

Never ate on different shores

Routes to nowhere lead to nowhere fast

Charts and plans have had their day

The borders closed till come when may

Get your kicks, kids, some of them won’t last


Never took her hoped-for trips

Slip between the cup and lips

By the time she found the way the walls were done

Met her match in alleyways

Same old route on different days

Find your kicks, doll, where you don’t belong


Never sailed the oceans wide

Never saw beyond inside

Sixty-six and seven seas bone dry

Dust and ashes far and near

Scattered lives shed lost chance tears

Get your kicks, kids, most of them will die


Gondoliers of Light

surreal pic 1

Navigated clouds, we did,

Packed for journey’s end,

Gondolier’d beams’ passages

Through gate of soul’s best friend.

Rode on waves of denser mass,

Cast shadows far below,

Soared to heights of ecstasy,

Paid dues for Peter’s show.

Lived the light, drank in its worth,

Streamed it through the night,

Believed in dawn, its heraldry,

Basked in glory bright.

Travelled far in torpor’s wake,

Languid in our bliss,

Transcended life in heaven’s arms,

Partook of its warm kiss.

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And so it goes….

The plans changed.

We adapted.

That’s life.

Six became four,

then five,

by technology.

Presence begat


Two absent by



Seven embraced nine,

then many.

Growing conversation

included the world,

its entirety,

its meaning,




and realities.

And realities of conspiracies.


Gallons of humour.


of laughter

and understanding.

Hugs and kisses of short farewells

and longer journeys.

Dismissives of maternal worry

enclosed in comprehensive travelogues.

Tickles of

tender teasing,

rude, graphic, enacted





My family.

More growth.

And so it goes.

Planes, Trains And Blackest Holes

You caught the train

The plane

The ship

You hiked for miles

To meet me.

Orbital path

You rocketed

To finally

Get to

Greet me.


I circumnavigated


And shot


Blackest holes.

I vaporised

And reappeared

To rejoin

Two halves

As whole.


We melded

Into flesh

As one

Amid spirits’

Conjoined presence.

We breathed


Each other’s air


In our essence.

Prescient Travel

Second bash at a Shakespearean sonnet. I’ve found a new toy!


Dreamscapers coat my nightly fantasies,

Intruding into times and space by turns,

Eternal voyager in soul searches.

Where lie all mystic dreams when soul returns?

Fragments left in travel, exploration,

Discovered by another on that path.

Daytime forays minimal; frustration.

Where deposit freedom’s insurgent laugh?

Remembrances recur in new travail,

Exquisite recollections found before,

Excursions, cosmic passage, by and by

Cultivate creativeness sown in lore.

A sweeter buzz in honeyed dreamland’s hives;

Prescient future exposed, guiding lives.

We Come

We don’t come to bring you down.

You do that to yourselves.

Travellers here from far-off lands,

Others follow,

There are plans


You’ll never know.

We won’t tell all

Till passing time reveals.

The nature of our purpose here

Travel, space conceals.


Treasures hidden in the stars


Vacuum, space.

No, we don’t come to bring you down.

You do that as a race.


We don’t settle once we come.

Ephemeral passing,

Little here to seek.

We, as voyeurs, write the heavens.

Chaos and cosmos speak.


We don’t bring censure,


That’s not for us to try.

Mere observations for firmament’s

Unfolding, endless sky.

Time Stands Still

I walk alone

On midnight street,

No body there

To meet or greet,

But shadow walks close by.


Street lamps cast

The company,

Formless shade

Strolls next to me,

Reaching for my hand.


I gasp to clasp

What’s offered there

But nothing solid,

Only air,

An empty yawning space.


A light appears

In front of me

From void

Beyond eternity.

Your form appears within.


You stare so long

I start to sway.

You rescue. Distance

Falls away

And time stands still for two.


Midnight still

And caught in space,


By one of grace

And heart of precious ore.


I blink just once

And now you’re gone

In recaptured chasm

You belong.

Light fades into dark.


A nearby clock

Begins to chime

Each stroke, the passage

Of our time.

Midnight once again.


But shadow still

Walks next to mine

Embodies closeness

Outwith time.

You will always be.


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