Defining Treasure

Concertina razor wire on a fence in the city. Not very welcoming... is it?


keep out or keep in

bladed concertina warns

defining treasure

‘protected by razor wire’

welcome words need not apply



Molten blue to navy curs’d

shades of melancholy,

unquenched thirst in barren scape,

soul’s monumental folly.

Bitter sharp the poison bites

‘neath escarpment’s hidden ruins,

assailed around, entwisted fate,

chthonic anthem choose,

hybrid self above the earth

or true to one beneath,

bore terrain, bail debris found,

blowout, chained release.

Sensory Treasure

I whisper in your heart

to hear your hurting,

I kiss your tears

to taste away your fears,

touch your hands,

absorbing all your feelings,

snuggle close, scenting

pain-filled, broken years.

You gaze into my eyes

to know I’m seeing

all within your soul

you can’t convey.

In sharing all our senses,

flowered open,

love and understanding

feel a way.

I know your soul

by breathing in your essence,

believing all

my senses may reveal,

caring for you whole,

nothing concealed,

and treasure all the scars

I help to heal.


It’s lost now,

The treasure that once was.

Buried somewhere

But marked with vivid cross.


Entombed it is,

In chest of flesh and bone.

Hidden there

Till pirate steals it home.


Opened wide

The casket does reveal

Priceless gems, tho’

Chosen to conceal.


Entrapped below

An arid desert’s soil,

Fertile once but reality

Sought to spoil.


It’s resting there,

Beneath and buried deep.

Discover when

You dig and seek to keep.


Guarded by

Sentries of the night.

Uncovered jewels

Sparkle in the light.


The brigand who

Searches on his quest

Resists all force

And knows where fortune’s blest.


Voyage far

On seas of violent storm.

Earnest aim

Demands actions outwith norm.


A howling wind

Casts vessels far astray,

But compass points,

Leads errant into bay.


Explored, this land

Tumults and earth will quake.

Concealed karma

Arises, offers. Take.


No treasure worth

A hundredweight or more

Was ever gained

Without searching to the core


And here it lies

Beneath the skies above,


The greatest treasure – love.

Fortune’s Fool

I wish I was clairvoyant,

Future I’d unwind.

Or, like Indie, an adventurer,

Then your treasures I would find.

I’d seek them out and polish them

Like gems of greatest worth

And lovingly enfold them

In softest velvet purse.

Every one would be to me

A portent of our times,

Directing cause and so effect,

Reason made from rhymes.

But better yet than Fortune’s fool

I may lay my head upon your chest

While you stroke my hair and whisper words

That ease and give me blessed rest

Till fire aflames from hearts so pure

That angels hear and falter, at

Honesty and gift of love

That fortune may not alter.

Discovery’s Story

Hidden in stars, empty of light,

Lie souls of confusion lost in the night,

Seeking the gravity known from before,

Pulled down to earth in tumultuous roar.


Defying all reason but natural law

Looking for treasures to gather and store,

Taken from heavens and brought down to earth,

Finding the answers known well at birth.


Eons of lifetimes on planetary plain

Releases all lessons once more and again

Begins to establish a stellarly heart,

Before dying to self, begin anew, start.


Hidden again but in star burning bright

Illumines all darkness, casts shadows of light.

Discovery’s story from inside a star

Reborn to light from galaxy afar.


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