He’ll ponder,

She’ll reflect,

They’ll wonder,

May inspect

Lost moments

Of neglect.

Words used


Time passing

Will respect,


Can deflect,


Must reject,


Now abject.

New beginnings

We expect,

Renewed life

Takes effect,




In solitude you will find me,

In mind my truth is known,

In words received and given,

All my love is shown.


In treasured tokens offered,

Life cycles here displayed,

In facts of life, harsh and real,

Where sometimes we’re dismayed.


In all communications,

Candour finds its greatest ease,

In words shared and felt by all,

Enlighten, if you please.


On paths of pain we follow,

Some know the deepest gorge,

In sharing, lend support to all,

Comprehension try to forge.


Should truth explore, may we ignore

All answers sought from heaven?

Or end dark night in promise bright,

Give hope where all was riven?


Futility escapes from life, expends its worthless self,

Espies trust, decries its cause

Lost to faith, negating  purpose,

Cannot work on pause.


Perusals here, reveal to me

Sincerity upon your pages,

In courage spoken, nations all,

Sexes, creeds, all ages.


A worthy sort of sentiment

When thoughts are freely poured,

Understanding others helps, in verity,

Reality, words are not ignored.


Rather yet they’re so imbibed,

Reflected on and treasured,

Partaken in communion,

Believed, they help me measure


All that happens on our journey,

The many paths we take,

Some have travelled, some may yet,

We impart, do not forsake.






Absent body,

Facial expression

To know.


Glimpsed thoughts,


As little

Or much

We choose

To show.












Poured oil

Pored over.


Or incomprehension.

The Common Enemy

….destruction came then…

heaving earth and

cataclysmic forces


each conspiring

to outdo the other

for supremacy.

sides had to be taken.

choices to be made.

nations rent apart

as logic and reason,

political treason,

pulled against emotion,

desire and devotion.




Common sense





And, united,

They defeated

The common enemy.




Overcome by love,


And great common sense.

Dreams Of Love

To have a moment,

Taste one kiss,

Reveal all truths

In tenderness.

These are dreams of love.



To flutter by

When you lie sleeping,

Watching o’er you,

Safely keeping.

These are dreams of love.



To touch your skin

In day’s first dawn,

To look and to be

Looked upon.

These are dreams of love.



To lie together,

Side by side,

No illusions,

Nothing to hide.

These are dreams of love.



To recognise, in mind,

That you

Are other half

Of self, it’s true.

These are dreams of love.



To dance the dance

Of sweet devotion,

Each movement

Matching lover’s token.

These are dreams of love.



To meet in glade

Where no one’s near,

To whisper wonders

In your ear.

These are dreams of love.



To sing to tune

Of Aphrodite

With fire burning,

Passion mighty.

These are dreams of love.



To clasp your hand,

Feel yours in mine,

To gaze and thrill

At absent time.

These are dreams of love.



These dreams I have

Are all for you,

Revealed in darkness

Covered hue.

These are dreams of love.


Silence rings louder than bells,

Peals, so no one can tell

Whether other exists

Or if life has been missed.

Silence may send you to hell.


Silence tinkles at times

With portents played out on chimes

Of varying range.

Will anything change

Silence, if life no longer rhymes?


Silence, I covet it so.

In quiet, I feel myself grow

In various ways,

Not always portrayed,

Silence lets my soul know.


Silence sings in my being

A melody I find freeing,

The cares of the day

Soon filter away when

Silence reveals what I’m seeing.


Silence, unfathomable, strange

In a world of cacophony, range

In my bustling brain

Screaming over again

Silence, from life, will estrange.


Silence sought by another

Covers a heart and may smother

A soul with a goal,

A purpose, a whole.

Silence provoked by a lover.


Silence, you are a friend.

In quietude, all hearts may mend

While seeking a reason

For purpose in season.

Silence, explain and so tend.

There Are Those

There are those who get

You’re giving

Who understand your gain

There are those

Whose comprehending



All the pain.

There are those whose love


All mankind as one

And woman

As another source

Of solace and of some

Desire and wonder

So imbued with



There are those

Who simply

Get it

And there are those……

Who don’t.

All Our Children

My news is filtered these days,

By choice.

I cannot hear it, listen directly,

My voice

Would be choked and broken by

Tears of despair,

So I receive it, relayed

From I know who, I know where.

Identical moments of difference


Once felt and imbued,

Knows all life is cheated

When mongers of evil

Grasp the horns of their ask

And wickedly skip

To fulfil their grim task.

Drowned in a flood of heartbreaking stories,

Portrayed by some media


They glory

In visuals and depictions of hell

I have seen,

Can’t watch it, can’t listen.

I know what they mean.

One story, one picture

Is all that I need,

Imagination and empathy

The rest provides and will feed

The words that I hear

In my head to shout forth,

‘Is that all that matters?

Is this our real worth?

As humans, as beings,

As souls here for a while?

The best we can do?

Some weep as we smile.’

I can’t unimagine

All that I have seen.

I wish that I could.

Do you know what I mean?

That visions of hurting

And hell so alive

Would end with great loving

So all could survive

To reach out, support

All. We are but child,

No matter persuasion.

True children are mild.

Not always in action,

I’m not that naïve,

But, in heart, where with loving

All dreams can conceive

A home-loving family,

A hearth to play by,

A meal on the table,

A mother nearby,

A father to guard

And protect our intention,

To grow close together.

And dare I just mention

That nations, though living

With minds far apart,

Share familial love

That springs from the heart?

Our greatest confusion then,

Seems so to say,

That my family matters

Much more than do they.

Lies. Lies.

Terrible lies.

Those who purvey them,

Life must despise.

Look at a child,

Look into its soul,

Watch as they play,

Is this really our goal?

To end such small humans

Before they should grow

Into the enemy

We fear but don’t know?

I hate this with passion.

I hate that we hate.

I hate that compassion

Is left at the gate

Of battlefield’s anger

And greed and distrust.

If fighting there has to be,

Why then can’t we just

Send one small David

And one giant Goliath.

Let them sort it out

With stones and with malice,

If that’s in their hearts

Well, fix it that way,

But as for the rest,

We just want to play

With children around us

Their trust in sweet eyes,

To teach them to love

Not hate or despise

Another world brother

Because they don’t feel

Exactly as we do.

Get over it. Let’s heal

The wounds of division

With pens and with words,

With kindness and mercy,

Not weapons or swords

That pierce at the breast

Of parents all over

While children flee,

In terror, for cover.

Oh, Spirit, please help us

To look with new love

To defeat source of evil

With strength from above.