Floral Triangulation

star of david lotus


From base ascend to apex

By root through centre


Through middle with alignment

Invert one pyramid

Star is found

From basic to the utmost

Via heart

Apologues purloined

Floral triangulation

Symbolic world



The Quaich – a loving cup

gifted, fashioned, crafted from a tree trunk

exquisite in its usefulness and shape

hollowed in the centre for the purpose

of holding liquid for our thirst to slake

gifted from the giver of the airy

fashioned for liquidity of life

crafted by the hands of man in union

with sources and the gifts for which we strive

no need for gilding or adornment

its beauty lies in purpose and in form

simplicity from complex matter

life- holding from life-giving

lovingly borne

330px-Oak-quaich(image http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaich)

Hush, Hear

I can hear your heartbeat in the distance,

Keeping pace with mine, the two as one,

Synchronising love right in this instance, 

Pulsing on the waves, euphonic thrum.

I can hear your words although they’re mellow,

Leaves in breezes, dulcet in the air,

I can hear you, can you hear my echo,

Thoughts transmitting, all of loving care.

Listen, can you hear the quiet murmurs,

Syllables and hearts in parity,

Hush to hear them building ever stronger,

Feelings growing in new unity.

Time and Tides

Seeping into pores,

Now joined with heartbeat,

Blood of oneness,

Child of globe, be blessed,

Ones communing,

Now alive in union,

Hear the whispers

Rising on the crest.

Undulating waves,

In tune with moonlight,

Tides of rapture,

Oceans spilling to the shores, decreed,

Blood and water,

Time and tides united,

Bands of brothers, sisters

Know they’re freed.

First Meal of the Day

Up since five a.m. today exploring

others’ words.

Your dreams and hopes, fears and tears,

stirred into my coffee.

I take it black,


not bitter.

I drink it down in earnest

appreciation of the full flavour,

picked and gathered

from plants


around the globe.

Each bean picked

to give a mix


to my palate.

I inhale from leaves too.

First meal of the day.

Two drugs

with the words

makes three.

Nicotine and caffeine

coursing through


with words fed onto pages.

Sad words,

hopeful words,

words that speak of deepest feelings and thoughts.

They touch me.


swallowed and inhaled

with coffee

and cigarettes.

And appreciated.

Addictive manna,

nectar to my needs.



and soul connections.

I rinse my mug, stub out my cigarette, close my kindle and begin my day.

It’s almost seven now.

Two hours of addiction satisfied.

But they will invite me back

for lunch.

Carry Me

carry me under water, beneath eternal blue,

slip easily, sleek agility.

 carry me on water, one penny for Charon,

transport tranquility.

 carry me in water, bejewelled surface break,

dive and rise, erupt euphoric serenity.

 carry me like water, absorb, replace 

blood’s coursing, transfuse divinity.

carry me, drowned in your water, relive the cycle, 

unite and fall, suspended totality.

carry me, compulsion, enthral my soul,

lush liquid inevitability.


Let’s Begin

I call to you now.

Nothing elusive,







Only shared


I call.

As any bird

Has ever whistled to another,

As whales describe

The ocean

In surreal sounds

That haunt forever

And teach patience


And love.

I call to you now

As a human,

As a woman.

As me.

There is no other.

Just as there is no other


I call to all you are,

Have ever been

And wish to be.

As you were created.

As you have become.

In all the ailments

And hurts you know

And feel.

In all that you think.

I call.

There is a oneness

That unites.

The air we breathe.

The hearts that beat.

The biological.

Let’s begin there.


Woman’s Voice

It’s spreading out from pebble. Can you feel it?

Rippling through the waterways and seas,

Waving in the oceans. Can you hear it?

Communicated by the birds and bees.

There’s a lesson in the breeze of Mother Nature,

A stirring in the soil where life is found,

There’s a movement in the trees, in the rustling of the leaves,

A tumultuous rumbling underground.

Maternal blood is weeping for her children

And risking self to heal the open sores.

She’s crying out to corners of the universe,

Seeking now to even up the scores.

Listen to a mother when she’s bleeding

Her heart is sore but, tigress, she has teeth.

Woman’s voice. Hearken now, or perish.

United effort. Nature’s one belief.

Dark Lagoon

Delve where daring

Daunts all others,

Dive deeply, dark Lagoon.

Three-pronged attack, Trident’s way,

Coelacanthic gloom.


Tempest rages,

Tortures, troubles,

Tantamount to death.

Cleave to saving  rocks around,

Resist thoughts

That leave bereft.


Confusing calm

A placid status

On ocean’s surface seen.

Melee below,

Currents flow

Beneath the glassy sheen.


With fork transposed, inverted,

Waves toss vessels,

Cast away,

Flotilla persists

Where linked, resists,

Safely home to bay.


Video reading Dark Lagoon