After Valentine’s Day

Lisa’s post,, finished with the sentence, ‘Love me the day after Valentine’s Day’. It rang true to me and sounded like the title of a song. My attempt at some lyrics is below. I do, however, still accept chocolate at any point in the year. And flowers are always welcome too. 😉

Don’t need your bouquets

Your silk-ribboned boxes

Don’t need your love for one day

Don’t want your chocolates

Your presents and whatnots

Need love after Valentine’s Day

Don’t want attention

Because someone mentions

Cupid and hearts or harp strings

Can’t see the point of 

Being nudged to fulfil love

Never needed such things

Don’t bring me roses

Or cards with trite prose

Who needs romance for a day

Heartbeats and flowers 

For twenty-four hours

No one should live quite that way

Empty of promise

If we’re being honest

Love that lives for one day

Needs renewed, redefined

For although cards are fine

Who can hear what they say

I need a voice near

A daily small voice near

That loves ’til the end of all time

Keep your midwinter candy

Although sweet is dandy

I need a love less refined

A man for all seasons

Who doesn’t need reasons

But loves me because it’s today

Each day of the year

Ev’ry day holds me near

Come whatever life may

Bring me yourself love

Who needs the white doves

I need a man who will say

I want you today and

I’ll need you tomorrow

I’ll love you after Valentine’s Day


14th February, Revisited. Be Warned

Go on, drive to hell and back,

Knowing you, the fires are all out,

Lucifer has claimed you for his son.

Mindful of your heritage,

He’s standing by to hear you spout,

In Hades refuge you will be reborn.

Pick your poison for the ride,

He’ll welcome you with father’s pride,

No rending of his raiment, garments torn.

Stick to highway bound for hell,

Prepare excuses you may tell,

Satan’s heard them all, so be well-warned.

Take your love to he who touts

Same tales of woe you’re fond to shout,

In brimstone’s home where weird ways are the norm.

Some entertainment for his cause,

For even underground has laws,

Not many, but there is a token form.

Pay your fee, a penny fare,

No halves, returns, you’re stranded there,

Guest of hottest host for long sojourn.

Filled with valentines like you,

All lovers scorned have saved a few

Places all selected for reform.

With twist of tail, the tales you told,

All of them have grown old,

Go on, ride to hell, this day is shorn

From all the calendars you’ll view,

There’s only one eternal true,

And you, my dear, will curse that day.

Be warned!


Valentine’s Day Challenge – Poetry Corner

Now, Suzie’s not big on Valentine’s Day. Neither am I, as it happens. But I know some people do get their knickers in a fankle if they don’t get a card or a pressie or whatever folk do on 14th February every year. I’ll be doing whatever I’ll be doing depending on what day it is. But hubs better, at least, wish me happy thingy day. And, if I remember, I’ll wish him it too. 🙂

Might even sing him this little ditty beforehand as a handy reminder. 😉

In Other Words

Bring no roses

Send no card

No words for

One mere day…..


Light candles,

Cast petals,

Pour bubbles

To filling,

Fill glasses

Of ruby,


Show willing.



So  heated,

Eyes closing

To scene,

Search lightly,

Touch softly,

You know what

This means.


Ease tension,

Relax some,



Sip, savour

Taste trodden,

Bask, sample,

Let’s duel.


Now pat some

To dry off,


With the oil,

Touch there, please

And there, yes!

That’s how

To spoil.


Now your turn,

Turn over,

Lay flat

On your face,


With purpose,

Now deepening

The pace.


Turn round now

Beside me,

Lean closer,

That’s right.

So eyes meet,


A wondrous



You’re glistening

With unguents

And I’m shining


Now nibble on


First one,

Maybe two.


Share kisses

So sweetened

By fruit

And the vine,

Taste my tongue

And savour


So divine.


Together now,


Let’s build

The desire

With tumbles

Of touches,


The fire


Hands roaming,

So tenderly,

It tickles

Like hell,

I giggle,

Can’t help it.

You know me

So well.


Now kisses

Are burning,

There’s fever


Teeth nip

With pleasure

No acid,

This fruit.


It’s gorgeous,

So fulsome

And bursting

With juice,

Come, lover,

Let’s get on,

We must 

Call a truce


To teasing

No further,

We need to


The wonders

Of loving,

Let’s give

Some more.


You take me,

I take you,

We give,

We receive

Now, let’s speak,

‘I love you’.

These words,

I believe.


If there’s one thing that is really fine about having a larger than average family (and, seriously, there is more than one fine thing), it is the number of celebrations we get to enjoy.

We have the usual: Christmas, Easter, Hallowe’en, Guy Fawkes (have reservations on this one),Hogmanay, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, May Day, Landemer Day, the Fair Fortnight (which rarely is) and, of course, birthdays.

With nine birthdays a year plus associated boyfriends/girlfriends/fiancés/extended family we, as a family, eat a lot of cake.

We pretty much cover every month of the year, at least once.

So, we’ve got lots to celebrate.  Lots of indoor parties.

Which is just as well, ‘cos the weather is shite!