Her Sweet Allure

She strolls in, chasing good intentions far and wide,

Crooks her little finger, moues a kiss,

Winks suggestion that she might be kidding,

Creates a space no other fits inside.



Allure is seeping from her very nail tips,

Those around will pander when she pouts,

Feline eyes of green, lithsome swagger,

She commands her right, her courtiers dip.



Sashays forward, inch by inch, and wiggles,

Knows full well effect she has on all,

Swooning voyeurs salivate, she works it

Round resisters saunters, stifling giggles.



For me, complexion is a milky brown tone,

Preferably with black in train, the two,

Combination perfect, my Temptation,

Irresistible, don’t know about you.