Different Dreams

I haven’t a clue where this appeared from but, driving home from Yoga class, I started singing the first few lines of this and it sort of finished itself after dinner. With a melody that you’ll just have to imagine. 🙂

It’s a diff’rent time,

Dreamin’ in my mind,

Images of you near, my dear

In another time.

It’s a diff’rent way

To make it through the day,

Whiling time in dreams of you

In another way.

It’s a different place,

Visions of your face,

Captured on the screen of mind

In another place.

It’s a diff’rent life,

Dreams, they must suffice,

Night times end too soon for me

In the other life.

It’s the strangest dream,

Nothing what it seems

In the waking hours all spent

Waiting for the dream.

It’s another way

To travel through the day,

Closing eyes to dream of you

By night and endless day.

It’s a special time,

Stolen in my mind,

Dreams of diff’rent landscapes

In another place and time.



Dawn to Dark

Whose shadow-darkened thoughts encroach and question,

Diminish dawn’s cockrow, dispel the day,

Worming into loam and taking root there,

Nightshade weed, asphyxiating prey?

 Invasive views, punitive to thinkers,

Banks of clouds eclipsing all sun’s beams,

Unsummoned guests disabling reason,

Recurrent words, distorted earthly themes.

 Florid-faced to grey on one perusal,

Ashen breath obstructing air, extinguish torch.

Whose mind a firmament of pyrotechnic danger

Erupting in the sentinel’s night watch?

 Where dreams are blessed with skies of bluest sunlight

Whose nightmares purge my soul with caustic fright?

Sleep. Arise.

Haiku x  5 . Daily Post Challenge


Conscious mind desists,

Over at last, diminished

Light, a flick of wrist.


Sleep softly at last,

Angelic wings fan fever,

Calmness comforts soul.


Portents of future

Glimpsed in dreamlike journeying,

Recalled in waking.


Funnelled coloured light,

Filtered through stained, rainbow glass,

Brighter hued delight.


Authorship of mind,

Penned for public perusal,

Co-owned thoughts outlined.

Explore the Night

Awake again at 4a.m.

New disconcerting routine,

Disturbs my equilibrium.

What can it really mean?


Alert in mind, I light and write,

Fast and furiously,

While body, eyes demand more hours

In unconscious liberty.


Expel the words, take down the notes.

Try to keep it legible.

Later on today, I know,

I’ll make it more intelligible



Except this one, it came to me,

Not at 4 but half past three!

It’s going in my post right now

As is. Insomnia is such a cow!


I never used to wake at all.

I slept and dreamt till wake-up call.

And now I can’t get through one night

Without waking, writing. And some is shite!


Has anyone an answer to

This problem? What to say or do?

Except. I don’t know. I may quite like

Waking in the dead of night


When all asleep explore their dreams

And I explore my mind.