Enter In Mirage

Where deserts undulate in moving landscape,

Come away, enter in mirage,

Penetrate hazed sandscape gathered round us,

Whirling golden pockets risen fast,

Ride to dusk in ship upon sands’ ocean,

Sunset beckons, razed relief from noon,

Pilot seas where storms arise grain-weathered,

Obliterate horizons come too soon.

Bow to enter tents, erected shelters, on

Holy ground, collapsed in shifting weights,

Follow dreams, red clouds’ appointed charter,

Abandon all reality at sand’s gate.



Mermaids’ Madrigal

Mermaids' Madrigal Photo courtesy of Mark

Mermaid choir

With madrigal tale

Breaths of childish delight,

Fostering the rearing,

Enlivening the song.

Children of the sea,


Chorus to shore,


Our freedom.

Your resolute


May never mock.’

In their wake

Grains scatter,

Seeking to follow.

Falling still.


Washed by waves of beauty

On the shore,

Caressed by balmy water

To the core,

Relaxed into the sands of time

And sleep,

Succumb unto unconsciousness,

The deep

Darker plains surrounded though

With light,

Relieving fear, engendered

By the night.

A welcome swell of ocean

Bathes my soul,

Cleansing warmest water

Makes me whole.