Happy Birthday To…..Who?

Another birthday party accomplished.

Done. But not quite dusted.

My youngest turns 7 tomorrow. But she had her party this evening. I don’t do kids’ parties at the weekends. I mean the weekend! Even if their birthday falls on it. Too much like a busman’s holiday for a teacher. And weekends are for….well, not for that.

So, that’s me I’m good until……March. Then April. Then April again.

We’ve collectively had a look at the pattern of birthdays in this house. The kids have made comments. Rude comments.

See if you can work it out.

January 14th– my birthday.

February 8th – Anna’s

March  31st – Mary-Kate’s

April 14th – Claire’s, 22nd – Joe’s

May – zip

June 14th – David’s

July – zip, but wedding anniversary

August – zip

September 6th – Rachel’s, 17th – hubby’s, 30th- Louise’s

October –zip

November – zip

December – zip, but Christmas

Yes, well, we don’t get out as often as we should.

And I won’t be out tonight because the undusted party of the birthday party is I now have three overnight guests after the rest have gone. But all good. All off playing. 🙂 Time for a glass of wine I think. 😉