Bolus To The Bow



By callous caitiff,

his vessel, once unbroken,

lies scuppered, hapless

sapling of the tree it used to be,

scuttled by unshaven

problems spoken,

flotsam now, wincing

in accumulated debris.

Truckloads of this cargo

dumped, his token,

bolus to the bow, hard to swallow,

pithy points of view,

rictus grin was held

till hold was choking,

sunken by canonical

coordinates untrue.


Whose Eyes Weep



Yves at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie runs a daily writing challenge and I’ve enjoyed taking part in a few. The weekly Wordle challenge suggests twelve words, at least ten of which should be used to write about anything.

I saw  the words above and the following is what came to mind. 


Engorged on all that junk

each directed needlepoint a fistula

incinerating you from inside out

burning radiated channels

elation to deflation in your

diametric highs and lows

dwindling your stature

estimation in those eyes

watching helplessly your ass

hauled to every cheap bazaar

sick rendezvous to purloin

by all means

to scheme and barter

forgotten all forebodings of disaster

while your cantillations

protest all addiction

and whose eyes weep

Fevered Souvenirs

Sparing nothing

in casual indifference,

Beggars he

such fevered souvenirs,

Stone key for love’s

revolving door,

Blocking all traffic

of the heart.

Having another bash at a wordle as outlined here.













Use at least ten of the twelve words selected to create a poem or story. I was stumped to fit ‘hydrogen’ into this one and took ‘chapped’ out when no one answered the door! In ten minutes I’ll probably think of something and want to change it. But I won’t. I only do that sometimes. 😉

It’s fun to try coming up with something from a random selection of words. Have a bash!

Play The Game

Curtsey and debase yourself to master,

Dance and pirouette in shoes too tight,

Play the game and stalk while seeking answers,

Malengine, plum’d spoken has no right.


Swear allegiance to the real world that is owing,

Aftermath of balls, no favours granted, fight good fight.

Minus pumps, at court, they trip self-interest,

Return’d shape-shifters, pumpkins in the night.


Another bash at a Wordle as suggested by


I wrote this on the same day but, due to my self-imposed exile during Nanowrimo,  I didn’t post it then. But I’m nearly finished now so I can. 🙂

Crossing Over

Algae-slimed posts, truncated beams,

one traveller leans,

crossing over,

bridging intangibles,

but for the touch, ooze, an ailing expulsion,

ubiquitous phlegm pitched below to briny lost.

Arched for load till coruscation breaks need.

I’ve wanted to have a bash at one of these for a while, a Wordle, as outlined at

The words offered in this one really appealed.