Statue_of_Zeus Wikipedia

Unconsumed deity, sky and thunder,

Lightning bolted eagle trailing justice,

Law and order, punisher of plunder,

Titanic created, lived among us.

Trinitied with sea and hell, your brothers,

Abstracted myth in far-off temple ruins,

Fathering demi-gods, feared by lovers,

Apprehensive, we danced to all your tunes.

With credo of contempt for nymphs and men,

Eroticist, spiritually spent,

From seat of philosophy and reason,

Temporary immortality lent.

Create personified divinity,

Assorted theocentric legacy.



Jaloused plot,

titanic children dead,

repeat the crime,

anarchic ruler led.

Justify in words

all those who bled,

resurrect in actions,

then undead.

Almighty hand that smote

with fear and dread,

usurped by child,

cosmic control inbred.

Disquietude and envy

gods forced and fled,

ruled by one,

warrior from his head.

A game to play

while blood still oozes red.

Beware all jealousy,

so pride is fed.


Espied, despised,

one hundred eyes

accursed nymph


Lust by one

in clouded form,




In heifer shape,

all eyes suspect

till severed

head displaced.

Musical reeds and

fables told,

dispatcher aids



With phallic ‘I’

merge vulvic ‘O’


dwelling union.

In deity’s

salvation quest

mystic myth



Male to female,

east to west,

ford of the

holy cow.

‘Neath crescent light

from fate take flight

plagued in here

and now


In dusty ground,


my name,

familial recognition.

Grief outsourced,

mercy shown,

godly justice,

full contrition


 In rightful form,

upon the Nile,

by beauty

heaven sent.

Pursued again

in hearts of men.




Promethean word

all hope imbued,

unto him

all hope returned.

By hand of god

one son full born,

half man,

released his bond.


In IO found

a dwelling place,

floods of deep


From sacred stock

a rainbow forms;

rebirth, belief,



All-gifted, all-giving, the gods did provoke,

Relinquished the right, them so to invoke.

Promethean crime, aid for mankind, aroused ire,

Retribution, from gods owning fire.

First woman among us, moulded from earth,

Bestowed by all deities, heavenly blessed.

But cursed by the gifts duality knows.

Determination, Zeus overthrows.

A gift bearing ills in a jar or a box,

Pandora relents and evil unlocks.

But hope still remains for good or for ill

Perception is all when hope does instil

Belief in the story of why god would choose

A mixture of gifts, some evil to use.

Is hope then a curse to action instead

Or essence to reflect on when life’s all but dead?

My hope is a blessing, that hope is a gift,

Enabling souls to elevate, to lift,

When all feels too empty, like box opened wide.

Let hope be the light that remains still inside.

candle 3



Pleasing to the eye of

Passionate Orion.

Perfect in visual

Portrayal of form.

Perfumed wind and water

Plead to Zeus, Salvation!

Pixels, stars reborn.


Think I might have taken this too literally! 🙂