Hold On

Goodbyes sharpen sorrow sought in knowing,

Questions why and how death transmutes all time,

Farewells find pained pleasure in past knowing

Shared memories, now shrouded, once sublime.

Goodbyes taint the wonder felt in chances

Life would last and sad endings were a lie,

Farewell’s  truth, untempered circumstances

Lost, the fleeting moments, censured to die.

Tho’ goodbyes break hearts with swollen starkness,

Unsheltered from the form of wailing near,

Tho’ farewells fling souls to doom and darkness,

Whispered voices can ease our unshed tears.

Goodbye to fears and could have tales we told,

Farewell to grief, each heart the light must hold.


May Music, Day 13 – Never forgotten

The only person that fits the category of ‘former friend’ according to my initial understanding of Twindaddy’s 13th question in the 25 day music challenge is one I choose not to remember, except to say:

Pernicious she was,

Vampiric bleeder of souls.

Better in the past.

I’ll take it instead to mean friends I’ve lost touch with for one reason or another. I still think fondly of them and know it would be like picking up where we left off should we meet again. Those people I consider as friends are never lost to my affections. One, in particular, I hope to catch up with in the fairly near future, all things going well.

For all friends that I may have lost touch with, because life takes us different places, I think of James Taylor with ‘You’ve Got A Friend’.


Carry Me

carry me under water, beneath eternal blue,

slip easily, sleek agility.

 carry me on water, one penny for Charon,

transport tranquility.

 carry me in water, bejewelled surface break,

dive and rise, erupt euphoric serenity.

 carry me like water, absorb, replace 

blood’s coursing, transfuse divinity.

carry me, drowned in your water, relive the cycle, 

unite and fall, suspended totality.

carry me, compulsion, enthral my soul,

lush liquid inevitability.



You, my love, may never know the measure

Of all you meant and do still in my dreams.

You believe that loving is lost treasure

And nightmares should still haunt in endless screams.

You, love, have forgotten just how endless

Hearts believe in worthy; one soul’s value.

Yes, my love, you think that I am mindless.

How you decipher, then you misconstrue.

All that reigns is loneliness without you,

All that beckoned once, a dim memory.

You think loving dies; is always untrue.

How many lost their hope to fallacy?

Faith, ever justified, in believing.

Come, my love, rejoice in hearts receiving.

Eyes In The Shadows



with corners,



trailing insignificance

like a threat,

a warrant

for delusion,

deeming death

a choice.

breaths held

too long


shadows turn

to leer,

location revealed.

steadfastly forward

they wend 

idle way,

brandishing darkness,

banishing hope,

eyes revealed

a reflection,

one glimmer 

to see

“Reppin for tha Nativz”

This was shared on my Facebook page. And I love it. Must have listened to it half a dozen time since. A combo of spiritual, politics, fantastic music and an amazing video.

Edited. I should have added this link. Petition to Abolish Columbus Day

Loud. Dance. Enjoy.

I loved this song when I first posted it and I listened to it a lot. I do that when I like something. Play it till the blood runs from it. I played it again this morning. Funny how words and songs can take on a new meaning depending on when we hear them. Today this song shouts to me. Enjoy. 🙂 x


Maybe my new favourite feel-good artist. Well, for a wee while, anyway. 🙂

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The Price

Peace is offered and granted,

Cessation that only one sought.

Though earth may diminish what heaven can allow,

Bequests such as this are not bought –

A treaty unsigned and unwanted,

Antagonism ended, apart.

In honour of how heal all hurts, it stands –

For the price of one broken heart.