Britannia Waives The Rules!

I’m closing comments for this post because I’m not sure I can be responsible for what I might say in response to recent actions by the UK Government. This kind of sums up where I’m at. Where Scotland is at. Where Wales is at. Where Northern Ireland is at. This is not a union. This is a takeover. An undermining of the principles of devolution and a power grab that will affect all constituent countries of the UK as well as every region. Power will be centralised, is already being centralised, to a cabal. Britain falls. By its own hand.

Rules, Britannia, Britannia waives the rules!

Fucks itself for pride and greed, thinks all are fools

World a-watching as Britain breathes its last

Death throes by its own right hand, draws final gasp

Rules, Britannia, Britannia waives the rules

Doughballs, flaccid phalluses, governance by tools

Plotting, planning, Bozo’s pals await

Watching, waiting vultures to consume the state

Rules, Britannia! Britannia waives the rules

Bye, NHS and human rights, while Tories drool

Right-wing ravers, deregulated power

Shall they have their moment, shall this be their hour

Rules, Britannia! Britannia waives the rules

One per cent of human race, but thinks it’s cool

An island, a landmass, believes it’s no small drink

Disagree, vehemently, not what others think

Rules, Britannia! Britannia changes rules

Spoiled and rotten to the core, elitist fools

Eton, Union, Royalty, that shite

No fucks to give for all of it although you might

Rules, Britannia! Britannia changed the rules

All bets are off, call UDI to their misrule