Fighting For



Why are you fighting, why do you foam

What are you fighting for

Why petted pout and tetchy tantrum

The slamming of all open doors

Has someone pained you with their lying

Stolen your toys or treats

Why crocodile tears, the threat of more crying

The stamping of petulant feet

Who has affronted, who has offended

Sensibilities, pride or your dress

Or have you broken fences that cannot be mended

Grow up now and own up, confess

Have you hurt your friends, insulted their name

Been a bully, a braggart, a pest

Are you really culprit and won’t take the blame

Have you really tried what is best

Why are you fighting, what is your cause

And who are you hurting the most

Where common sense in all that is lost

Your brain in meaningless boasts

Time to reflect on the nature and meaning

Why no friends now come to your door

Why are you fighting, what are you fighting

Just who are you fighting for

Cumulative Snowflakes

Shall strength be found in most fragile of flakes

That melt before the heat of angry rays

Disappear, dissolve, in fierce seas and lakes

Can one alone halt traffic on highways


Can that delicate drop precipitate

A fall of snow that fills the chasm’s void

Though uniquely formed it has no great weight

Singularly, too easily destroyed


Crystallised cohesion in pearlised chains

Strengthened beauty around the nuclei

Forging links, formed from irritating grains

Precious snowflakes blind disbelieving eyes


On collision course with an avalanche!

Accumulated pressure shall advance!



Planned Obsolescence

You’re sick, you’re old, you’re vulnerable

We’re questioning your worth

Your contribution’s negligible

And has been since your birth


You’re young, useless, culpable

Your prospects nullified

We’ve weighed you up, unapprovable

Reduced spending’s justified


You’re unemployed, uncoachable

You’re lazy, mental, broke

We dole it out, you spend it all

On drink and fags and dope


We care, of course, we’re honourable

Our policies humane

All of them enforceable

Lessons sanctioned by champagne


We’re wealthy, placed and personable

You’re excess baggage, weight

We’re necessary, you are not

A drain on social state


We’ve worked it out, forecastable

We only need enough

To function, you’re expendable

The breaks, we know, are tough


The rabble are forfeitable

Population needs decreased

We’ve cast our charts, all graphable

You’re due to be deceased


We spout, believe you’re gullible

We coat facts with our gloss

Your presence here untenable

Quite frankly, you’re no loss


Don’t think that we are horrible

We’re really not, you know

We have to be responsible

And you have got to go


We’ve pruned the tree, it’s laughable

You used to own the lot

But things change hands, all leachable

Either got it or you’ve not


We’re afraid it’s unpreventable

We just can’t go on this way

You may say that life’s lamentable

But you don’t really have a say


So that’s it folks, regrettable

If you’re chosen, hop on board

It’s been, you know, all calculable

Order will be, soon, restored

Arguably the greatest institution of Britain is its National Health Service (NHS). How long before it joins this list? (See UK) What were once publicly owned, privatised.  An ongoing policy of dismantling. Neglect, claim insupportable, sell for a song, profit the few, failure to reinvest. Charge or divest. To the detriment of the infrastructure. Blame the populace. Social engineering a la government. This will be the ‘sharing society’ then?

Fear Tactics



Cross my palm with silver

for your fortune

Greased, the way is smoother

cleared of stones

A jingle from your pocket

to my fingers

Envision what you’ll know

when I am done

I’ll tell you where you’ve been

and where you’re going

Who you’ve known

and who you’ve yet to greet

I’ll promise you fair future

for your dollar

And, if single, of a partner

you may meet

I’ll tell you of your children

and their sexes

Your ideal job

or if you have to earn

Some shillings in my hand

and for your largesse

You’ll be glad to know

what you need to learn

Some pennies then, for pegs

or crafted treasures

Four-leafed clover

picked just fresh today

Cross me not

the odds are in my favour

A dime or two

and I’ll be on my way

A hex upon your household

thus avoided

I mean no harm

my gift of guessing right

Offered as a trade

for joint survival

May heaven bless all yours

and your foresight

Prevailing With Dignity

chaotic sort of elegance, in tripping

dynamically, with grace, through centuries

falling with the fashions, seasoned greetings

then rising once again, redeeming face

model of naivete, enchanting  

ingenue, fresh-faced, upon the stage

full of hope and promise, even tumbling

resurgent, ever, to timed heritage

highs and lows to fortune, still aspiring

beguiling evocation, deified

peak and trough events, although alarming

prevailing time, with dignity, survives

Power Of Placebo



satin clad placebos shall slide easily

designated pleasing for the lord

they shall slip on tongue, deliver what is wanting

cure disturbance easier than the sword

they shall purvey hope to order with avowals

incantations swallowed with coarse grain

they shall serve a purpose better than the real thing

an artefact as powerful as pain

numbered they shall be with hidden figures

a muscular massage around the spine

though truth will hurt and heal, it’s not forgotten

effect of silken words assures all’s fine

forever they shall be within the black bag

doled with ease, appeasing, fears allay

shall there be a cure for feigned sincerity

a poisoned pill they use to have their way

Tribune On The Wind

He visits all gables and rooftops

Into eaves and crannies he peers

Howls distress in his shudders

Wandering wind, sighing seer

He carries, while travelling, directions

What he’s seen, what he knows, what he’s heard

Disseminates news from his journeys

Journals with nary a word

He speaks in a language of knowing

Sailing seas, over mountains, through glens

Alone, through deserted plains, cities

Sharing the stories of men

He speaks in wild wails and soft soughing

How he aches with his burdens and groans

Measures his timbre and tempo

In restlessness, rages and moans

All of nature believe what he brings them

Stationary sentinels await his return

Correspondence, fact-checked, his findings

All access reportage for one

He’s been to restricted quarters

To the seats of all governance

To the palaces, shacks, huts and hovels

He’s been to them all more than once

He’s spied and he’s sighed at what seen there

He lifts it all, transports it forth

Daily news, incoming, in whistles

Tribune East, South, West and North

Blue Peter Style



Ah’m gaun fur tae build up the nation

A prood wan, an empire wance mair

Some blue tac, a glue stick, a big daud ae string

Noo shift, ah need room oan that flair

Ah’ll start aff wae cairdboard an’ scizzurs

An’ pictchurs fae histury books

Ah’ll leave oot the dregs, an the scunners

An’ maist ae the failures an’ crooks

Ah’ll build a collage fu’ ae colour

Variations ae rid, white an’ blue

Ah’ll rim roon the coarners an’ skim aff

The big chunks that urnae aw true

A bunnle ae straw tae make figures

Gentrified coattails an’ hats

A few scraps ae fox fur, some sequins

Tae make it mair 3D an’ aw that

Ah’ll need scrunched up paper mashy

Tae mould oot a landscaped backgroon

Buckets an’ pots ae white washin’

Ah’ll splash it an’ throw that aroon

Rosy clickbait fur rustics an’ townies

A haystack, high hedges, mair straw

Theatres an’ restaurants, museums chock fu’

Jeez, ah’ve goat this, nae bother at aw

Better fling oan a few thistles

A shamrock or twa an’ a leek

They’ll no’ accuse me ae partisan, nope

Well, they might but ah’ll no’ let them speak

Ah ken whit ah’ll dae fur illusion

Ae reality an’ aw ae that guff

Ah’ll sign it as if ah’m an expert

A piss artist who knows aw hur stuff

Ah’m chuffed that it’s lookin’ quite lifelike

If ye squint at it when it’s hauf daurk

Bugger an’ dammit ah’ furgoat the best bit

Dabbin’ oan paint wae wine coark

Well, that’s me an’ ah think it looks smashin’

Kinda Picasso in Blue Peter style

Ah think ah’ll gie up ma day joab at this rate

Patrons ae pish wull come miles

Tae see me in artistic creation

The panache that ah bring tae ma art

Aw ah need noo is a title

They came, they saw ‘The Brain Fart’

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief



I’m here for my appointment, said the beggar to the thief

You robbed me blind and now I’d like some back

Oh, no, dear sir, you err, of course, I merely speculated

I lost I know and that’s the shameless fact

Then why are you still loaded while I am on the street

I thought I baled you out and now own you

Ahem, you know it’s complicated, not as clear as that

More like we were broken, you the glue

So let me get this clear, I have need to understand

I salvaged loss, in fact I saved your butt

No need to get shirty, lad, we’re all in this together

We made the mess, we’ll sort it but it’s going to hurt

I’m struggling here to get you, can’t we plainly speak

You’re rich, I’m poor although I own your ass

Well that’s one way of seeing it but where’s your corporate soul

Some ache upon us all, the pain will pass

So where’s your ache exactly, your penury, your pain

How many hungry, homeless bankers do you know

We lost our independence! Our right to play roulette!

Pfft! Our bonuses are checked and par below!

I’m sorry sir, apologies, then how about a loan

I’ll pay you back with interest from my shares

Well that would be quite reasonable but you’re too much of a risk

The exit to the queue is over there

You’re dissing me? You rascal! You rogue! You scallywag!

A thief you are, no honour in your tribe

Security! Begone with him, this customer’s quite mad!

I’ve work to do and stolen swag to hide…..

 robber-wearing-suit-carrying-money_63354346 (source)

…Ah, the pains of being a robber with the governments on side

The chores, the laundry, tasks we must surmount

The little folks don’t understand the daily grind endured

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Incoming! Let me at it! Dosh to count!

‘Don’t cry…my brothers

Don’t cry…my sisters….

Don’t cry….don’t cry…

Don’t cry….don’t cry

These tears won’t change the situation’