I accidentally deleted this whole page! Yes, this stuff happens. Prove it for yourself. Put something in the trash to deal with later – you know, tweak some bits and dods. Then go back. And it’s gone. Just like that!

So, I’m kind of rebuilding. Slowly. With slightly less enthusiasm than I started. Because, let’s face it, who likes eating cold dinners? I might even decide to just scrape these in the bin. But I do like cold beans…so…let’s see if you do.

A Kinder Soul


All Our Children





3 thoughts on “Audio”

    1. Sorry, Phil, I missed this comment.
      I keep forgetting about the other pages attached to my blog and hardly ever update them. Bad practice, apparently. I think folk would get fed up of my voice if I did too many singing or speaking ones so I do them occasionally. In fact, the singing is relatively recent. It’s good of you to have a gander. I’m glad you enjoyed whichever one/s you listened to. Thanks. 🙂

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