Ah’m no’ hard.

Ah’m no’ even that tough.

Bit ye see, Ah come fae Glesca,

So that seems tae be enough,

To send some people scurrying

Right off their mark,

Terrified I’ll chib them,

Attack them in the dark.

Bit ye see, it’s jist an accent,

‘Cos ah come fae this place

Jist lik you’ve got wan,

Mibbe nicer. Bit still an accent.

An’ a face.

Ah could dae Irish fur ye,

That sounds awright.

Ah’ve always liked that yin,

‘Cos it disnae gie ye a fright.

Or mibbe the Highlands cos

They sing a wee song,

Makes ye want tae dance

As if ye belang.

Or ‘ow about ze French?

I ‘ope eet’s not too bad

Been a leetle while seence I practeesed

So eet might sound a trifle mad.

But ah’m no’ fae they places

Ah’m fae Glesca, awright?

An’ ma voice is jist a voice

Wi’ an accent that’s no’ too polite.

A helluva wie tae judge people though,

Lookin’ at faces an’

Listenin’ as if ye could know

Whit they’re aboot,

Like ye know them so well,

Rubbish that is,

A terrible wie tae foretell

A person’s character, their

Values, their worth.

Makin’ judgements ‘cos folk are different.

Who dis that kinda stuff?

Ah’m no’ hard, ah’m tellin’ ye,

Jist a Glesca lassie that’s aw.

Inherited my accent

Fae ma da an’ ma maw.

Bit they always tellt me,

No matter yer station,

‘mind yer as good

As the rest ae the nation.

A message ah learnt

When ah wis jist wee

No’ tae judge others

‘cos ae where they’re fae.



37 thoughts on “Preconceptions”

  1. It’s like that with everything. People fear what they don’t understand/know. People from other countries forget that THEY would be just like us if they were born and raised here instead of where they were born. Same with accents and everything else. Excellent post.


    1. Thank you. The Glasgow accent is deemed hard and harsh all over Britain it seems. 😉 Other countries seem to be quite open to it I’m finding. But, it is something that goes right across the globe. Judgements based on so many things that are irrelevant. Thanks for reading and commenting.x


    1. Aw go on, gie’s wan in Aussie speak. I love that accent. I jist cannae dae it though. Or, more to the point, too many Aussie readers to risk it. 🙂
      I bet you there’ll be a few people thinking I can’t do Irish or French either!
      I just love accents
      In fact, I was watching a young Glaswegian comedian last night on DVD. Kevin Bridges. He has clips on You Tube. He was doing a few accents as part of his show and I was buckled at him. I seem to be right into laughing at the moment. Maybe I’m going into my dotage. Could be. I’m jumping about subjects a lot too. What was I saying? 😉 x


      1. erm I forgot lol – I love accents – French – Italian – English – Scottish..hell pretty much all of ’em. When I went to the UK when I was 17 for 3 months – do you think I could other than a POM when I returned??? Nope no Siree, I was a full blown English lady/woman/person for about 2 months afterwards – s’pose becoz me’ mums a POM.
        Fair suck a the sav darls – you could do Aussie no wuckers 😉 x


      2. I can a wee bit. But my sixteen year old daughter has it down pat. Must be a few actresses in this house! Just have to get up to speed with some of the expressions!
        I love that you went home a genteel lady. Bet you took a bit of ribbing for that. Everywhere I go I pick up the accent and start using it. Folk think you’re taking the mickey though. They’re just so irresistible. :)x


      3. that they are and can we help it if we are prone to taking it on? *shakes head* no we can’t. Yes I copped quite a bit – but I was sad when I lost it and returned to ‘semi-normal’ 🙂


      4. Adapt or never be understood.
        A number of Irish people I know – elderly, as in their seventies and eighties – still have a really strong Irish accent although they’ve spent most of their lives here. And yet, my husband’s brothers speak quite ‘properly’ now living in England. Apparently, they had to so that other people would know what they were on about. ;)x


      5. oh yes …the ‘proper’ English accent not Cockney – but London perhaps? 🙂 I adore the Irish accent- my son in law when I first met him…I had to tell him to slow down..not he has become a little more Ocker and has a nice steady lilting pace 🙂 x


      6. That’s probably half the problem. I go like a bullet sometimes. Slowing down definitely helps. I love the Irish accent, particularly the south. It’s very musical.
        The only one I do laugh at is the ‘proper’, ‘marbles in your mouth’ one. Like listening to Prince Charles et al. Quite amusing. I think they’re harder to understand than anyone. :)x


  2. Brilliant piece of work. And so true that people judge others for all sorts of reasons without really getting to know the person within.

    By the way, maybe I’m biased by my Celtic (not a reference to football 🙂 ) heritage, but I love the Glasgow accent.


  3. Loved this sis…you got lots of good press so we are slowly but surely endearing oorsels (Glesga folk that is) to the masses! Gonnae no dae that! xxx


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