When will we see your like again?

Any educator worth their salt knows that the battle is won when students are engaged in the learning process. How to do that becomes of paramount importance if successful learning is to occur. I won’t go into the myriad methods teachers use and try out in their efforts to capture and retain the attention of minds too often full of alternatives vying for their consideration. But the list is pretty much endless. Making lessons fun is one. Kinaesthetic learning another. Meaningful lessons a must.

Whatever else may be said about the campaign for Scottish Independence, one of its chief successes has to be the level of engagement abounding within the populace as a whole. For the first time in generations, adults and youth alike are enthusiastic and vocal in the political arena where previously they have felt disengaged. Mainly due to feeling disenfranchised by the whole political process and the parties representing what has been seen to be too much of the same old, same old.

What is the point in voting? has been a question on the lips of so many for years and this has been reflected in the turnout at elections. To have reached a point in governance where it seems pointless to participate at all is a woeful reflection on how politics operates in the UK and in many other countries. To believe in democratic process one must feel that they have a stake in the result.

Meaningful participation.

That has been lacking so badly.

Across Scotland, right now, all ages are enthused by what is occurring in their lifetime. When my seven year old states early in the morning, ‘Only two weeks to go now, Mum’, I know that the talk abounding has permeated minds that would have previously not understood what a referendum was let alone could discuss what the possibilities of a yes or no mean.

It is not permissible for me to discuss the campaign in school in the interests of neutrality. But the children themselves are discussing it in the playground! Primary school children who are listening to their parents talk and feeling the vibe are opening up avenues of discussion.

Manufacturing enthusiasm is a difficult job. Ask any teacher. Meaningful enthusiasm is worth its weight in gold. And votes.

Imagine a political arena where the participants are the people themselves. Not the face of a party leader. Not the voice of one man or woman spouting agendas that feel separate from the populace. Not suits, dressed to impress, with flat voices guaranteed to turn the most intelligent student into a zombie. Not a separate entity from the reality of the commoner.

Sure, there are posturers seeking to score points in the age-old method guaranteed to inflame ire among the plain speakers and force the bored into submissive apathy.

But it’s not working! Rather than turning people off, the posturing becomes one more thing to fight against. It already was when the campaign began. Now, it’s seen as the smoke screen it has always been used for. No more mincing words in negativity and scaremongering. No more listening to the lies.

Oh yes, we hear them and pay attention to what is being said but the tissue is crumpling into pieces.

When will we see your like again?


18 thoughts on “When will we see your like again?”

  1. This is exciting indeed, Anne-Marie and I am waiting eagerly to learn the outcome. How I wish we could unite here as people, but a country this size and so diverse, with an outdated 2-party system seems doomed to fight on and get little achieved for the people. Maybe Scotland will inspire someone here to stop squabbling and get something done.


    1. I’m excited myself, Beth, at the potential for long overdue change and am on tenterhooks in this run up to what is a vote of major historical importance for us. The debates in and around the country at every level are invigorating (and frustrating, at times!). There are still so many undecided and the polls are close. Some are afraid of the change while others, myself included, are full of hope for what self-government could mean with a populace now more actively involved in the whole process. The possibility to inspire others to seek and effect change reflecting grassroots is of no small significance. I don’t think we would stop now until it becomes a reality. Everything is crossed here. 🙂


  2. Go mommus, great piece. And it is a meaningless drivel that the voting system has turned into. It has become so bad here in Australia that everyone’s option are reduced to the two main parties. Choose and be damned for they are so greedy, and big business manipulated, that it has become a choice of ‘would you like us to feed you to the lions or bring the lions to you!’ . Oh gee! Choices. It has become so stagnated that people have begun to vote for complete outsiders in disgust, and realise too late that they have now given the balance of power to some independant idiot that is having more bribes offered to him than a poker machine slot.
    Ok, at least you guys can remove some stagnation from the past…now if you can just get some sanity out of the newcomers 🙂


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Mark. Sometimes there’s even little to choose between the two when their policies cross significantly in their efforts to appeal to different quarters. Historically, the two main parties in the UK have been Labour and Conservative but the current UK government is a coalition Conservative/Liberal Democrat. And what a bollocks they are making of their term. And yet the Labour party don’t even feel like a force to be reckoned with.
      Scotland only has a population of around 5 million – substantially less than even London alone – so no matter who we vote for we get whatever best serves certain quarters there. Not representative of our nation’s wishes or standpoint on so many issues. Not to mention no real autonomy albeit we have devolved powers.
      Although the same parties will still be in existence after Independence, (God willing), the collective movement of so many people currently voicing opinions on major concerns reassures me to a great extent that no party elected after the fact will have carte blanche to continue in the same cavalier attitude too often evident among politicians. I’m hoping for a new party! Getting ahead of myself here, Mark. At the moment it’s still all to play for. You’ll hear me scream across the globe whatever is the result. 🙂


      1. I have this little place in nature where I go to when all these things come upon us. And you know what…the birds don’t care, the bugs don’t care and even the tree’s don’t care. I wonder if I’m missing something 🙂
        Truthfully, I put my best foot forward and then let it go. Occasionally a bird poops on my head (and I’m very serious there, I’ve had it happen on quite a few occasions and it made me laugh because I was taking myself way too seriously, and apparently it’s good for the hair 🙂 ), just to let me know that they are going with the flow and the world hasn’t exploded yet (mind you, with us playing around that may not be so far fetched).
        You can only do your best mommus, and with the awareness of this for so many, I think it will go where it needs to.
        Good luck, may the God of sanity prevail, and your representatives have your truth at heart.


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