At The Harbour

Not quite business as usual yet – just wanted to get this dream out of my head. Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.x

Black dresses, on the slipway, at the harbour

White faces, satisfied, wreathed in smiles

Exhausted, but still cheerful, chat in passing

Long gone from home, a journey of some miles

Cramped hovercraft, of grey, with tiny doorway

Crawling through with effort, things in hand

Embarrassment of riches, carried loosely

Safe negotiation onto land

Whitest buildings, rising all around, with gangways

Tunnels, thoroughfares, all leading there

Espied upon arrival, at the harbour

Dishevilled from the journey to somewhere

Someone says, we saw you leave the small boat

Nice moves in your escape, you did that fine

A fleeting grin acknowledges their vision

We pass and part, each following own line

They’re heading to the harbour, I’ve just left it

Strangers in the night, opposing paths

Wandering intentions nod, go onwards

We’re dressed in black but, inwardly, we laugh

Were you at the harbour, did I see you

Partied out, with friends, returning home

Or heading to a gig, the night not over

While, dressed for night, I headed on alone

Faces, pale and smiling, were so happy

No cares, their drug the living yet to be

Were you at the harbour, bidding fellowship

Tell me, stranger, do you know and did you see

The woman, on her own, down at the harbour

Were you one who hailed and headed there this morn

Facing south while, northerly, I bid you

Good luck, down at the harbour, hazing dawn


Flash! Flash!

It’s mirrored in rotation

flash! flash! there!

we see it and we’re safe

and can veer from everywhere

there’s danger on the rocky

danger unto death

we turn around and flee the risk

doing what seems best

flash! flash! It’s there again

such a simple plan

repelling and attracting

warning when it can

I’m looking for that lighthouse

so that I can steer my course

I’ve seen it once or twice, sometimes

I sail there for discourse

the danger is attractive

when that little light blinks on

flash! flash! there it goes

bidding while it warns

a little blink from heaven

flash! flash! there!

I’m off again on sailing ship

bound for who knows where

till all the lights have settled into

twinkling steady tone

adventure on life’s roughest seas

until safely harbour’d home