Goldilocks Was Wrong. Or Just Right. I’m Not Sure.

I have come to the conclusion that I talk too much. This is not a recent finding. I’ve known it for years. Been told for years too. Though some people say it’s not too much. It’s just right. Like Goldilocks and her third try at porridge.

But I think it might be too much.

This makes my 504th post. I’ve been here since June 13th of this year. That’s 158 days including today. And it’s not over yet. 😉 That averages out at 3.189873417721519 per day, apparently. Is that too much? Is that too little? Is that just right? Can I gab for Scotland? If they make it an Olympic event might I be in with a chance of a gold medal?

And I talk more than I write. So that’s a lot, I’m thinking. Those around me possibly, probably, maybe want to tell me to shut the f*** up. But I can’t it seems. And I don’t think I want to. Whatever anyone says.

Sure I talk shite sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I don’t talk at all. No. Really!

Sometimes I shouldn’t even use that shite word. But I do. And sometimes I use worse. Not to be deliberately offensive, to be sure. Just that sometimes certain words fit. And words are tools. Can I say that? Well, they are. They express, they are chosen and placed to do so. They are wonderful. Even the swears. Are we really reaching that point where we are policed about what we can write? And how we do it?

Everyone has the choice of whether to read or not. Or walk away if I’m doing their head in. Easy peasy.

So why am I saying all this?

Well, I’ve been following a blogger for a little while now. Someone who has made me laugh uproariously. He’s also moved me to tears a couple of times. I found him through Rene. She makes me laugh too. Usually about 4 o’clock in the morning when I’ve had a late night or an early wakening. Her humour can be dark. She likes her politics and her dogs and is quite partial to certain musicians. Very kindly posts lovely pics too! I even laughed when I found out that my love poems are not her cup of tea! Outed, Rene! But that’s fine. Brenda likes them. So that’s all to the good. But then she’s a magical creature with fantasy running through her veins. Not that you’re not, Rene. Sheesh. It’s so hard not to offend.

 Now see, I’ve wandered. That’s what I do.

Anyway, I found out that Rene isn’t into certain things by reading comments on Treyz Blog where Rene was assuring Trey that ‘Well, I wasn’t offended and didn’t write in about you. I think some people are just offended about too many things. Shit on them. That is one reason I don’t join things, I don’t want them dishing out rules I have to write by. I write when I want to and feel the need…’

Brenda isn’t offended by Treyz humour.

‘Holy Mackerel! Just write I say. No one is making them read…..’

And that makes perfect sense. Perfect. I can’t say it better.

I didn’t get to see the post because I’ve had a manic week and haven’t done much reading. When I went to check it out I couldn’t find it. I like to know what I’m going to be offended by. Judge for myself, you know? Now maybe I’m just not good at searching. Or maybe it’s been removed from the CSB. Maybe Trey removed it himself if he thought it was overly offensive. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I would not be happy to be gagged. By anyone. Me? Gagged? Can you imagine? It might be what some people would want but it’s not what I want. If people don’t want to read something or listen to someone….easy answer……walk away. Some walked away without reading. The title offended. Fine. But to then complain?

I find that strange on a site where words and feelings are so openly shared. WordPress is surely a place where we can say just about anything. As long as you’re prepared to realise that it’s out there. The public sees it. Or am I wrong? Is there a code of conduct that I’ve not read? Now that I think about it, I vaguely remember browsing something way back in June. But did it specify certain words or phrases that were objectionable?

Maybe the issue for Trey was that he posted on the Community Story Board and might have to keep certain types of posts to his own blog. I still think that’s a bit sad. It makes me think that there are speech police monitoring what is acceptable. I’ve never posted to the CSB. I think I would be thinking twice in case the readership reported me.

If we go the road of gagging what is said then we might as well stop writing altogether. And talking.

I resign from life if that happens.


For Rene who doesn’t care for love poems. Bugger ******!


Now Paddy’s married.

This is true.

You told me this a while ago,

But what’s a girl to do?

He smiles that smile, a glint in eye

You noticed it yourself,

A scar or two distinguish,

Wouldn’t leave him on the shelf.


I’d like to take his firm young ****

And stroke it just for fun,

Clasp it gently, seeking more,

That would be just *****?

I wouldn’t really,

This you know,

But fantasy’s a pleasure,

I’d **** him seven ways to heaven

And **** him for good measure.

An asterisk is worse than words,

I was really quite polite

But if we have to censor things,

I could be talking *****.

A ******* curse it would be here

If everything was wholesome,

Sterilised and sanitised,

I’d really have to go some

To make sure ****** words I wrote

Were fit for just comsumption.

Aye, dream on mate, don’t hold your breath,

Censorship is loathsome.

Excuse me while I rant a bit

**** sake, do we give a ****,

Or would we rather censor it,

All subjects that may deal with……

Things that we’re not perfectly au fait with?


Just askin’?


The polite version. 😉

hand, grand, kiss, hold, right, fearful, loving, god’s, whit


The other one is available under the counter wrapped in brown paper. 🙂 I defy you not to laugh. Or is it just me? Not funny. Not funny at all. Romantic Self-mutilation?! 🙂 Moving


An eclectic mix. And some people pick on a type of post and complain.  God, give me strength. And patience.

38 thoughts on “Goldilocks Was Wrong. Or Just Right. I’m Not Sure.”

    1. LMAO! Exactly! Where does it end?
      I have to say my twelve year old just asked what the heck I was watching as she heard the song. Don’t think she believed me when I said it was a clip from The Muppets! ‘Something rude’ is how she put it. Which goes to show we can make up worse in our own minds than people can write for us. Even when you’re 12, apparently. I’ll have to check out what she’s been watching. 😉
      Think I might go and watch it again. Funny stuff. I like a laugh of a Sunday morning. :)x


      1. I agree. Maybe it’s just teachers. Do you think? If that’s the case right enough I’ve been a teacher since I was first able to put words together. Genetic then? Oh, sod it. I just like conversing. Even with myself! :)x


      2. That would be some conversation if we got together. It drives my brother insane when my sister and I get started. His head’s in a whirl as we bat back and forth and sometimes through each other. But we can follow it fine. It’s everybody else that has the problem keeping up! He actually wants us to take turns like in a debating club or something. I mean to say. Who talks like that when it’s not work oriented? :)x


  1. What they been doing to my scottishmomus? I go away for one day and they’ve been trashing you in my absence! Talking too much, are you kidding? If you stopped the clicks and views would come to a standstill. Blogs for miles around would be removed from total inaction. They (whoever they are), would have nothing to do. Jobs would be lost. And don’t get me started on what’s objectionable…I find attacks on freedom of speech objectionable! And thoughts on your choice of ‘man’ (by the way, I had a coffee with a lovely friend today…and I mentioned Hugh Jackman…it took me an hour to calm her down and get her off the wall…and I thought you were bad 🙂 ), anyway, where was I ? Oh, yeah…love….everything should be done with love. Just like your poems, always done from the poet within. Just sayin! 🙂


    1. No one’s been trashing me! I’d give them a doing!

      No, I was incensed for someone else who was being complained about because of post choices. Some sensibilities are easily offended, it seems.

      I was just making comparison with the fact that I do talk a lot. Self-proclaimed. I’ve been hearing that since I was a kid. I think my dad may have been the first one who said, ‘For the love of God, would you slow down or shut up’. Or words to that effect. Auld bugger. Kiddin’.

      I do. I always have. I worry a bit at the ’empty vessels make most noise’ adage. But hey, I’m me.
      Anyway, you’ve put me off track. 🙂

      I don’t like the idea of censorship at all at all. And certainly not here where everyone gets to say what they feel and express it in ways that are wonderful to read or look at.
      It’s the thin edge of the wedge as far as I’m concerned if the word police monitor and revoke freedom of speech.

      If they charged for it I’d be in trouble! 🙂


  2. I’m against censorship. Period. Fullstop. Walk away if you don’t want it. Don’t read. Don’t listen. If your kids see something or hear something they shouldn’t, all you have to do is explain, “Well, that was adult conversation, and not appropriate for you. Let’s not listen.” Kids learn early on that words exist they should not use. I was in a bead store where they had NPR playing. NPR announced they were going to be talking about rape and content might be upsetting. I asked the woman if she could turn it off, since I had my 4 year old with me. I didn’t chastise her or complain that she had it on at all. I didn’t phone NPR and complain to them. We turned it off, and we were all happy. And I like love poems, you go Scottishmomus!!


    1. You see, Brenda. That’s what I call common sense. Can’ buy it. You’ve got it or you haven’t, it seems. Children take a lot on good faith. As you say, easily enough explained with tact and adult authority and responsibility.
      Censorship is a dangerous route to travel. I abhor the very idea of it. Smacks too much of fascism for my liking. Burning books that are perceived as seditious or out of tune with current thinking. No. Not going there.
      Thanks Brenda for your input. You’re a star.
      And I love that you like love poems. God, that was a mouthful. ;)x


      1. You worry too much about number. As long as you don’t repeat, use as many words as you need! I will read them with joy. And smiles. 😀


    1. I don’t think Trey (or myself, for that matter) would stop writing. It just went against so much of what I believe in terms of free speech. That some people had complained about a couple of his posts because they found them offensive apparently. Good sense would dictate that you pass them by if that’s the case.

      Given what’s happening in other places in terms of monitoring and censoring speech I just think we cannot afford to let things like this slide. God knows where it would end up. ;)x


  3. Wow! I am so honored that you used me in your work. I am a little frightened that you are now reading comments of Trey’s. I have to watch what I say to him now, we do talk about you sometimes. Only Nice things though. Really! The poem about what you would do to Hugh, I liked that one. See I can be entertained by poems. Dark ones especially. Trey’s article was called Butthole. I think it is on his regular page. I think CSB also was mentioning other works he had done where he had talked of “bodily fluids” and the like. I don’t think they complained about RuRu though, and I am okay with that.
    I was so offended that I wasn’t a “magical creature with fantasy running through my veins”. If you take that seriously then you are not getting any more Hugh! I can be a ‘magical creature’, a witch fits me pretty well, and ‘fantasy running through my veins’, usually it is black blood like Dracula. See, now top that. Dark humor, I say! ☺☺☺☺

    Have I missed anything? Probably.

    As to the comment made earlier about going on so long, well, just take this comment as a small reminder of how long I can go on. Did you ever wonder why I don’t write much new stuff? I am so busy writing comments of 9,000 or less, I simply don’t have time. I think I should get an award for the most words per comment. I believe between you and Shaun I would seriously qualify for it.
    As to being told you need to talk like a friggin’ (watched my language, so hard for me) debate team, yeah doesn’t work for me. My mum wants me to talk like that all the time. She says she can’t keep up with me. I told her if it was so important to say, then take notes. She was deeply put off by this. Perhaps that is why we don’t talk much. Seems no one else has a problem keeping up with me. I know this because when I talk there are little tests throughout my diatribe. Learned this through all my professors. My friends all pass the test, Wizard doesn’t though. Rough him only speaking French and being my best friend. So, yeah I like my dog, the cats just walk away or go to sleep, so Rude.

    Alright, done, I think.

    Peace out

    P.S. How many people have comments so long they have to proofread them before hitting the post button?


    1. Proof read? Some of my comments go into a Word document first (like this one)so that I can read clearly everything I’m saying, then comes the proof reading and then copying and pasting! Shit we do have problems!
      Trey said he had removed it himself. But he’s gonna send me it so I can be offended along with everyone else. Lol. I might very well be. Who knows? But I’d still want him or any of us to be able to write whatever and not worry about complaints. Why? Who does that?
      As far as the ‘debating’ goes I put that down to my big brother being a big boss man for years at work. He got to speak then people had their say. Chances each you know. Not really my thing. Except at work. 😉 I must try out the little tests you speak of. That would be interesting. Check nobody’s gone to sleep on me. Well, not on me. You know what I mean. Your poor mammy must be demented. The dark witch with her doggy familiar recoursing and testing. 🙂
      I’ve read your comments on Shaun’s pages and elsewhere. I read everything. Even sauce bottles and cereal packets. It’s a wonder I get any writing done. You definitely deserve an award for your full and frank comments. Think I’ll rustle you one up.
      And I think I’ll be going back to check where I’ve been getting talked about and missed it. Find out what else you’ve been saying. Then I can complain about you!!! :)x


      1. I have done some in Word as well. I am just glad there is auto-correct. You got the dark witch thingy right. You know if you spell ‘thingy’ like this it will great grate on Trey’s nerves. He insists it is spelled ‘thingee’, but I have to say he is entirely wrong. LOL
        Maybe that is why you write poetry, no time for any thing substantial. LOL


      2. Oh you are so for it. Every poet for miles will be shuddering at the idea that their work takes less input or time. Actually, you’re right about me! It doesn’t take too long at all. Never dawned on me. Here maybe I have no staying power for anything longer. My novel will have to be written in poetic bits and pieces. 🙂 I might give that a try!
        Dark witches are way more interesting than fairy godmothers. Who the hell wants to talk about pumpkins and slippers? :)x


  4. Oh, I don’t think Trey would have any problem with your mentioning him. Remember he says he is ‘high maintenance’ thus this would only feed into his delusions of grandeur. Now he is going to read this and tease me forever. Oh! I can’t win here.
    I didn’t know how to reply without him possibly seeing it. We must find a way to talk about him without him knowing. Wait…that is gossip right. Hmmm…ok, we will only refer to his work so it will be academic of nature. There fixed that problem. The good thing about all my edumacation is go find justification and actual research (with numbers even) that make whatever you say true!

    Peace & Love


    1. I like your reasoning. I checked first with Brenda and Trey and sent you an email too to see that you were all ok about me using your comments and names in what essentially is a rant against censorship. Brenda and Trey were fine with it. Once I got Trey’s right email address. I went ahead when I didn’t hear from you. I thought you’d be cool with it. ‘Cos you rock and all that stuff!
      I was just so vexed that somebody felt shitty because of something so unnecessary. Things like that bug me. A lot. Anywho, if you want to email and slag off Trey it’s But don’t tell him I said so. 🙂 Peace and love to you too missus.x


      1. Good job. Now what do we do if Trey reads this?

        Really Trey we would not talk about you. That is gossiping and we are SO against that. We are cool right?



      2. I think you’re scared of the dark Lord of WordPressia! I’m not. But then I’ve got an ocean to separate me from retribution. 🙂
        Gossip is for girlies. Women do discussion! Usually over a glass of wine and a few giggles thrown in. Meet you for discussion some time. :)x


      3. I gotta’ get the wine first.
        Do you realize (realise) how close he can be to my home, within days? He is a traveler. You’re right, you have an ocean.
        Ok, discussion about Trey. I am good with that. I so know how to giggle, or laugh out loud, really good at that.


      4. Well…after I get money (that is a big obstacle), after my knee surgery (that is painful), and then after I get my passport and Wizard’s. Not sure if Wizard will be able to pass the new standards at the airport, he is always carrying contraband, knives, and sometime he even brings a box cutter. Then there are the rare occasions when he just decides to really fuck with the guys and he brings a Red Velvet cupcake in a jar. That really messes with the guys, and they have to confiscate it, give you a full body inspection, and then you are late for your plane. He would do that and watch me friggin’ get so mad. So, Wizard can be a real pain at the airport. He thinks his looks are going to get him through. They probably would except for he has me tagging along, and they are not swayed by my good looks. Not sure why???


      5. A red velvet cupcake?! lmao. I have to meet this wee dude. A sense of humour like his mammy. 😉

        So what will they do with your knees. Is it like cartilage replacement or something?x


      6. Oh my goodness. The knee thing is very complicated, even I don’t understand it, and you know I am very smart! LOL
        They have to replace the right knee, they thought in 2010. He told me if I waited too much longer, he was going to have to do something more complicated. If he explained it, I must have left my body ’cause I don’t remember anything about it.
        My left knee was surgerized in 1995, but now needs replacement. The problem is, in ’95 they did this really extreme surgery which was to cut my femur, put in screws and twisty ties (the things we use on garbage bags), the put my knee in place. When I looked at the x-ray, which they thought would freak me out, I commented I had a Frankenstein knee. They all laughed and from that day forward the surgery was called the Frankenstein knee, among the doctors only. So, they are not sure what to do about the difference in length of leg compared to my right. It is about an inch different now.
        And then…I have to have my left ankle sugerized, as it was sprained at least 50 years ago, but all this knee issue has caused it to be weak again.
        Then…my doc wants me to see his friend upstairs, do an MRI (in which I will have to be totally sedated, long story), and then decide if I need to have back surgery. My doc said in 2010 that the popping in my back doesn’t appear to be all related to my knee issue. It actually popped really bad while I was in his office, and he felt my spine. He said he wasn’t an expert, but he wanted me to have it checked out. Since it popped so bad in his office, he knows I am not a malingerer. He has believed me since the first day I saw him. He was the only doc who found my knee problem, all the others said it was my fault, or that I was lying.
        Is that enough? You asked, so I told you. Be careful what you ask for. LOL


      7. I hate that some docs don’t accept what people say. I know there must be folk that make things up and enjoy sitting around surgeries but they shouldn’t presume everyone’s like that. The number of stories you hear from people who’ve had a similar thing said and then they go on to find out there’s something major amiss. All back pedalling and covering their arses.

        It’s happened in my own extended family.
        My poor wee maw had leukaemia at the latter end and before that a vitamin B12 deficiency that wiped her out. But it took ages to identify either. And she used to get so pissed that they didn’t accept what she said about how she was feeling. As if you’d want to make crap up. yeah, some do. But surely to god they must be in the minority.

        When my youngest was still a baby she developed a cough and stopped breathing and we had to phone 999. Major freaking out on my part. The doc at the hospital said ‘it sometimes happens’! I nearly ate him alive. Seven kids. Not once had it ever happened. Stupid young pup that he was. Took her back to my own doctor, a guy ages with myself, she started coughing and he went, ‘whooping cough’. Just like that. If it had been a younger doctor he wouldn’t have known what it sounded like probably. And nobody expects whooping cough any more ‘cos kids are immunised. But she was so young she’d just had her first jag and it was too early to do any good.

        And when I was pregnant with her I developed pneumonia! Did anyone believe me that something felt wrong? No. Till I started crying with frustration on a hospital visit. They checked things out and rushed me to high dependency. As if you make this stuff up!

        Anyway, that doc sounds as if he’s got his head screwed on. Just keep at them till you get what you can sorted.

        Now you can be sorry that we opened up this conversation. Too much information?! :)x


      8. TMI on my end? Sorry.
        There are a lot of Lupus sufferers who have the same story. It wasn’t until recently there were somewhat accurate tests to diagnose Lupus. Fibromyalgia is now going through the same thing as Lupus did, no tests. I have read in lots of places wherein the doctor is admonished to believe the patient and treat the symptoms.
        I will just be so mad if they deny my disability. I will be like I want to go to Virginia and show them how my body is. Actually I want to mess with the judge here, as he is the reason it is in appeal. Jerkwad!

        Like your baby, my ex-boss had a baby girl who had asthma. She kept telling the doctors this, and when she would have an attack, they would want to run all kinds of tests on this baby, when my boss is standing right there telling them what is the matter. Now that the child is older, there is more belief of her condition.

        Peace & Love


      9. No, not TMI on your end. I’m just realising that I think I’m on Facebook here! So if anybody is reading all these comments they’ll be going wtf! TMI!

        Sorry, peeps. 🙂 But that’s life.

        I do this with my sister too. But at least I generally remember I’m on Facebook chat. My memory ain’t what it used to be. :)x


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