Semblant In The Gyre

To never be

or see elusive ending,

To wish upon that promise unyet dreamed,

To sigh

upon encounters brief, too fleeting,

To glimpse gyred destinies of sorcered worlds.

To speak

in tongues oblique and still discover,

To know the route though hidden from clear view,

To actualise

the random or reverse it,

To feel the concepts urge the truth through you.

To wonder

ever long and ever after,

To seldom see, mayhaps never, know reveal,

To always

miss conclusions, caught in transit,

To rationalise and think but absent feel.

To storm

the surge of placid held placebos,

To navigate these places and all times,

To verify,

experience heres and afters,

To quicken, pace and scale apparent climb.

To be the spiral

caught in vortex swirling,

To partner interwoven helices

choosing do the do or do the nothing

To answer semblant be or not to be.