You Need Us – Stop Abusing Us, Mister

What do you call it when someone says mean things about you?

What do you call it when someone says mean things about you that aren’t true?

What do you call it when someone takes from you but tries to make you feel bad about it?

What do you call it when someone tries to get others on side by lying about you?

There might be many alternative names for each of the questions.

Or one word that sums the whole lot up.


Look up the definition.

Noun or verb. Take your pick.

Scotland is NOT subsidised by the rest of the UK.

Yet again this morning I’ve heard that from another politician.

In fact, the records for the last 30 years tell the complete opposite.

Scotland’s Balance Sheet

Labour forced to admit Scotland isn’t subsidised.

The figures used are provided by GERS  – the same figures the UK government uses but manipulates to tell one side of a story.

The information is there. It has been there for years. Try the sixties – pre-oil boom. It is known by those who slander our name. It is known here. It needs to be known elsewhere. And widely.

One sure way to irrevocably break the union that the political mainsteam and media are so fond of is to continue to perpetuate the myth that we here in Scotland are the ‘subsidy junkies’, so earnestly spouted by every politician with a vested interest in maintaining the staus quo.

I am sick of listening to the lies.

I wanted independence so that we could manage our own affairs and not be dependent on the UK government allocating us a share that is less than what we contribute. Not because I don’t want to share. But because Scotland needs to run its own affairs completely to effect real change for the future of our children. Waiting for English controlled government via a bi-party monopoly to do so we will wait forever. Based on population size that’s a fact.

Do you think it was for love of union that the politicians fought the No campaign with promises of devomax? No way. The thought of losing Scotland’s taxes was more to the point.

Do you think the reason they are running scared of any deal with SNP is for fear of breaking up the union? No. They are afraid to be held account to promises made and run the risk of losing much needed revenue to prevent a much greater UK deficit than if Scotland were not contributing to the coffers.

But will they admit that? No chance. That the UK government should be dependent on a paltry nation of just over five million. In a pig’s eye will they admit it.

So let’s divide and conquer. Bite the hand that feeds. Vilify. Abuse. Negate any right to a voice.

In the absence of independence at this stage I want full fiscal autonomy. Keep the Barnett Formula. Keep English votes for English laws. I have no problem with that AS LONG AS we keep what we raise here. Being dependent on a proportionate share via policies decided elsewhere is not my idea of autonomy of any kind.

And yes there will be ups and downs. We know that. The UK government knows that. Ask them. Selective representaion of numbers evades the fact that the UK proportion of deficit exceeds that of Scotland. It evades the fact that the proportionate UK contribution to GDP is less than Scotland’s contribution. But waxes lyrical about the Barnett Formula.

The fact that politicians and media are still purveying the lie that Scotland takes more than it gives leads to the divisiveness being created NOT by SNP or any other Scot but by those who should know better and do better. Or maybe they don’t read their own statements. I doubt it. Read, masticated, spat out. Nasty taste.

At the point of no return from such divisiveness is the scenario where the union will end. Not by referendum. But in any spirit still hanging by a thread. And by the hands of the ones who claim to support and defend it.

Get the facts on the table.

You need us.

If you don’t want us, fine. I’m good with that. We can go. And take with us what is ours. Our national pride and right to autonomy. But you can’t have it both ways. Abuse will be answered one way or another.

It is no accident that SNP has grown in stature and volume here. They represent us, our voices, our needs.

The mistake the government is making is in believing or suggesting that SNP are the bogeyman.

We are the bogeymen. People informed. Because we made ourselves be. We needed to be. There is no going back from what has been put into public domain. Economics is one factor.

But just one.

The right to fair representation is the force.

I’m not even an SNP member but I will vote for them until the time comes that I can vote Green.

In my ideal UK right now there would be a force for change wrought by the voices of those from the Green party and other parties/independents who have real social justice and environment on their mind. There would be enough representation the length and breadth of the four countries to take every seat in parliament, rid ourselves of eltist, self-servers and work for the good of the whole nation and the rest of the world.

I know I’m a dreamer.

But I’m not the only one.

It’s time to give politics back to the people. Or take it.

But I will take no more abuse.

And neither will my children.

Not from anyone.

Would any mother or father do less?

That’s all we’re doing.

Defending ourselves and kids from abusive power


18 thoughts on “You Need Us – Stop Abusing Us, Mister”

    1. It’s the fact that they won’t tell the truth, Mark. They’re pitting people against each other rather than acknowledge truth. Pride is an awful thing when you’d let it ruin everything. Pride and prejudice. Jane Austen knew what she was talking about.

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  1. You make perfect sense, Anne-Marie, and would for the day the politicians spoke the ‘whole truth’, and allow the populace to make informed choices. I think, sometimes, that politicians live in some archaic world where they can say one thing in one place and the opposite in another, believing that their words will never meet. Gawd bless the media – assuming, of course, that people are astute enough to read past the lies!

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  2. Canada is being run by corrupted old guys. Thank the heavens that we have Justin Trudeau in the mix. He is young and he will try to undo what past prime ministers did in the past… like Stephen Harper’s mess.

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    1. Oh, I know from one of my very good blogging buds that you’ve been having quite a time of it. Wouldn’t they just heart roast you though, imagining god-given right to run amok. I hope there are improvements everywhere. We deserve something more positive for the good of our countries and the world at large.
      Thank you for visiting and reading my diatribe as well as commenting. It’s good of you.

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  3. I’m watching this from a distance (Ireland) and I can clearly see the way they are operating, and the problems they are creating by their divisive talk.
    I was gutted the Scots didn’t go for independence but maybe that day may yet come. If I was living there listening to this speak I’d be beyond cross.
    I hope the numbers come out to vote and make their voices heard.

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    1. You know, Tric, I just can’t see why anyone would want to hold onto us if we’re such a drain on resources! It’s interesting getting another perspective on it. Only a few minutes ago I read another article keeping the same pot boiling, the author talking about the incredible patience English people were showing with the petulant, ungrateful Scots! And to watch out for their ire when patience was exhausted. Talk about ma mammy and ma daddy! Just need big brother and we have a full house. If he’s not there already. How patronising is it possible to get, I keep wondering.
      I’m pretty certain there will be a high turnout here. Next Thursday can’t come soon enough for me. Then the real fun and games begin. You couldn’t make it up for a best seller. Nobody would buy it.

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    1. Me too, Pam. And therein lies what the UK gov doesn’t really understand. We are not little England, nor a branch office. Never have been except in some folks’ estimation.

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  4. I am right there with you on this Anne-Marie. Obviously this is a huge issue in the US too, in the sense that the will of the people means nothing to the plutocrats that are running our country. Somehow they have voters hypnotized with diabolical lies and phony promises that they NEVer deliver on.

    In our case, there is not foreign hegemonist controlling us, we have the media and a handful of billionaires who have enlisted the assistance of our so-called independent Supreme Court justices (five of them, anyway) to do the bidding of 4000 men. It makes me sick.

    And how has austerity worked out for England? It has been disastrous here. We are still staggering under the weight of these selfish, greedy people who don’t care about the rest of us.

    This very subject makes my blood boil.

    Well said, Anne-Marie!

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    1. Well, Beth, the Tory incumbents would have us believe that austerity has had a positive impact. More jobs are cited as success even while around one in five of those jobs are zero hour contracts and around the same number are below living wage. Social security benefits, essential to people in hardship, are being nailed to the wall and sanctions imposed for all sorts of minor infarctions. But, hey ho, the food banks are better advertised now and I can deposit a bag of groceries in a cart outside my supermarket to salve any conscience I might have. I mean food banks, I ask you, in this day and age in a nation of supposed wealth. A humiliating national disgrace that will speak shame in the history books.

      Meanwhile, the supposed opposition party follows policies so similar to the Tories it’s hard to tell them apart. More austerity would be their way forward – will be, actually without anyone in real opposition to quell the measures. SNP has put forward an alternative that has been sounded out as financially viable, would ease some of the worst effects of austerity by increasing public spending slightly but would delay economic recovery by a spell.

      All economics aside, because that’s only part of the story, yes, there are other agencies pulling the strings when it comes to lobby and that is evident in measures taken and not taken re banks and corporations where our illustrious MPs end up securing positions at the end of their tenure. That’s if they don’t end up in the unelected House of Lords, snoozing their day away and collecting a nice wee bonus for turning up.

      I watched a video a couple of weeks ago from your side of the pond and I can’t remember the guy’s name but he was slating the theory of trickle down economics and giving evidence to some congressional group that blew me away. Essentially, showing figures that showed the rise in proportion corporations received compared to the public as a percentage of GDP – if I have that right. The figures charted a number of years in historic context until recent and the public were in negative while the corporations recieved 100% benefit from the equation. At one point he was repeating it like WTF! So was I!

      It’s really comes to somehing, Beth, when there is no longer even any real pretence – except at elections – as to who the elected represent. It’s time to ditch the bath water and the baby. Sadly.

      They have forgotten their duty and the need to build from the bottom up not the other way round. To invest in infrastructure, education and people.

      Ach, what do I know, Beth, except that, no, things are not good for so many people and I can’t just watch without trying to change it. I do know, if I know nothing else, that people should come first. I think most people here in Scotland feel that strongly and want the voice to say so hence the numbers aligning themselves to SNP whose policies reflect societal responsibility. I know there are many across the UK who feel the same. Unfortunately, the parties available similar to SNP in essentials don’t hold sufficient clout. So it will be Labour or Tory and some cobbled together affair that seeks to exclude Scotland because we’re only interested in breaking the union apparently. And so it goes. About to get even more interesting and, quite possibly, very messy.

      I’m running off on one, Beth so I’ll shut up. But the whole thing, as you say, makes my blood boil too.

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  5. Brilliant sis…..let’s see what Thursday brings….according to the polls SNP might well win every seat in Scotland including our area! xx

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