No Maidens Nor Castles

Words and phrases, popping randomly into your brain, don’t you just love it?

Apparently, the etymology behind ‘faint heart never won fair lady’ is difficult to accredit to any precise source. So says googly world. The earliest date originally cited with any supportable evidence was around 1545. But another takes it back to around 1390 where a castle was drawn into the comparison. Anyway, from thinking to this.

Faint heart never won fair lady

Nor, lady faint, encaptured bravest knight,

Where courage lacks, all faint hearts fear and quiver,

Dragons roam, no heroes left to fight,

No damsels waiting fast within a tower,

No badge of honour, standards hoisted high,

Where faint heart lives all loss resides there,

No castle for the knaves who fear to try.



Words of Another

I wonder, sometimes,

if the words of another

reveal me to me

better than mine,

If, in sharing

their thoughts on the page,

cosmic held hands

raise ridiculous to sublime.

It’s not that I think

that I cannot convey

most visions

that whirl in my mind

But I wonder

if inhaling

words from another,

some truths are easier to find.

14th February, Revisited. Be Warned

Go on, drive to hell and back,

Knowing you, the fires are all out,

Lucifer has claimed you for his son.

Mindful of your heritage,

He’s standing by to hear you spout,

In Hades refuge you will be reborn.

Pick your poison for the ride,

He’ll welcome you with father’s pride,

No rending of his raiment, garments torn.

Stick to highway bound for hell,

Prepare excuses you may tell,

Satan’s heard them all, so be well-warned.

Take your love to he who touts

Same tales of woe you’re fond to shout,

In brimstone’s home where weird ways are the norm.

Some entertainment for his cause,

For even underground has laws,

Not many, but there is a token form.

Pay your fee, a penny fare,

No halves, returns, you’re stranded there,

Guest of hottest host for long sojourn.

Filled with valentines like you,

All lovers scorned have saved a few

Places all selected for reform.

With twist of tail, the tales you told,

All of them have grown old,

Go on, ride to hell, this day is shorn

From all the calendars you’ll view,

There’s only one eternal true,

And you, my dear, will curse that day.

Be warned!


Valentine’s Day Challenge – Poetry Corner

Now, Suzie’s not big on Valentine’s Day. Neither am I, as it happens. But I know some people do get their knickers in a fankle if they don’t get a card or a pressie or whatever folk do on 14th February every year. I’ll be doing whatever I’ll be doing depending on what day it is. But hubs better, at least, wish me happy thingy day. And, if I remember, I’ll wish him it too. 🙂

Might even sing him this little ditty beforehand as a handy reminder. 😉