I Knew Him Well

I knew him well, you see

the heart of him

the soul of him

the man

his gentleness

his kindness

his actions

bywords of the whole

no one except perhaps

the cruel or one broken

could have accused so

falsely, sent him into

purgatory, there to

await condemnation

or vindication while

we prayed, kept the faith

in truth, in justice and

in him, his voice broken

in forgiveness even while

understanding incomplete

as ours, knowing only that

these things are sent

to try us

he was

is not

never was

found wanting

I knew him well, you see

his heart

his soul

the man

24 thoughts on “I Knew Him Well”

  1. Deeply personal and moving, Anne-Marie, and yet at the same time this touches on something universal. This sounds in many ways like a personl eulogy – a love that only two can reallu know. Fine writing.

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    1. Thank you so much, Leslie. It’s been ages since I’ve been nominated for anything – except maybe crabbit mother of the year. But what do they know?! I kind of stopped doing them because of the time they took in linking and all, although I did have some fun, at the time, trying to make them different each time and even did a video one. Don’t know what I was thinking.:/ I’m honoured though that you should nominate me and I’ll certainly get into yours to meet the other nominees and make new friends. Many thanks. 🙂 x

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