Sunlight fuels the fire that flames within me,

Darkness makes the daytime disappear,

Your light flares the glowing embers,

Burns me up whenever you are near.

Ashes in your presence turn to splendour,

Phoenix now reborn inside your love,

Flaming flight in day and now in starlight,

In orbit pulled and pulsing from above.

L’Opéra de Paris

(Guest Post for Anne-Marie)

my verdigris balcony
overlooked Palais Garnier
where classical royalty
sheltered in splendor
their musical jewelry
acoustical diamonds
of unsurpassed sound
graced appreciative ears

Beaux-Arts opulence
filled gilt attentive lorgnettes
framing battleworn eyes
of philosophers huddled
beneath golden flames
of a murderous
seven-ton tiered
chandelier luminating
the plush auditorium

all this grandeur was built
high above discrete
watery dungeons
where Gaston Leroux’s
tragic phantom discovered
psychosis in chains
casting dark architectural
infamy over the fiction
of popular culture

the opera house shared
its first breaths with
La Troisième République
regretting once more
an imperial monarchy
stumbling along its
return to democracy
trying the world’s
great composers on
modernized peasants

- Paul F. Lenzi


Play The Game

Curtsey and debase yourself to master,

Dance and pirouette in shoes too tight,

Play the game and stalk while seeking answers,

Malengine, plum’d spoken has no right.


Swear allegiance to the real world that is owing,

Aftermath of balls, no favours granted, fight good fight.

Minus pumps, at court, they trip self-interest,

Return’d shape-shifters, pumpkins in the night.


Another bash at a Wordle as suggested by http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/wordle-33/


I wrote this on the same day but, due to my self-imposed exile during Nanowrimo,  I didn’t post it then. But I’m nearly finished now so I can. :)


If fools there are then fools we’ve been, in searching

For new saviour, among men, to set us free,

Battles won and fought in spirits reaching

Measure, better yet, our liberty.

If fools there are then fools we’ve been, in fighting,

Among ourselves, charged to armour, warring for the peace,

Within, without, around, all calm created

Anger, jealousies, betrayals, pride, when ceased.

If fools there are then fools we’ve been, in trusting

That some other captivates all causes just,

Just one, as one, we all, as one, in spirit,

Source to satisfy with love and trust.

If fools there are then fools we’ve been, in feeling,

That only what we feel reveals the truth,

Sedimentary notions of our natures,

Stunted yet, in vague eternal youth,

When all around the questions fraught with meaning

Are those of loving thought which actions prove.

Decisions, choices, all within our power,

Celebrated freedom when minds move.

Attitude? Yeah I got attitude!

According to the Free Dictionary on the Internet there are five definitions to attitude:

1.  A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself

2. a. A state of mind or feeling; disposition

    b. An arrogant or hostile state of mind or disposition

3. The orientation of an aircraft’s axis relative to a reference line or plane

4.  The orientation of a spacecraft relative to its direction of motion

5.  A position similar to an arabesque in which a ballet dancer stands on one leg with the other raised either in front or in back and bent at the knee

For the sake of this post I am only concerned with definitions one and two.  We all have attitude.  It’s what allows us to make it through the day in one piece.  Not all attitude is negative and yet when we use that word we are usually referring to someone with bad attitude.  Attitude is a word that describes a disposition.  It is not a negative or positive, it just is.

Definitions three, four and five refer to attitude as a position in relation to the world around the main item.  I would like to posit that one’s psychological attitude is directly related to one’s physical attitude.  That actually makes sense if you think about.

The way we deal with the world is in part how we were raised, how others interact with us and how we feel on any given day.  On a day when I feel miserable you can bet that my attitude is going to be bad.  But on a day when everything is going well my attitude is going to be positive and cooperative.

We use attitude to describe behaviors that we may find distasteful.  Is it an accurate way to describe people?  Probably not but we describe people based on our own background.  We can use the physicality but that only gets you so far.  We are so much more than what you see.  People are multifaceted, like those Russian nesting dolls there’s more under the next layer.

Here’s a subversive idea for you: people are all the same.  We all started in the same place: the primordial sludge and we will all end up in the same place: dust in the wind.  Everything else is cosmetic. Physically anyway.  The real value is in the kind of person we are.  Nice guy versus schmuck. Victim versus tyrant. And what is it that makes one person caring and open and another self centered and cruel?  Who knows?   What makes one person a savant and another an idiot?  Luck of the draw?  Why does one person get a disease and another go through life unscathed?  You can spend your entire life asking questions that have no answer or you can change the equation.  Concentrate on the little picture: you.  The big picture is made up of a lot of little pictures.  We need to focus on what we can accomplish, on how we live our lives.  Do we care about others and try to contribute to the greater good or do we simply exist and only take?  We do have it in our power to decide.  True immortality is achieved through the memories of others.

Modern Lit

cry the wounds of an age
pushed on pages by pens
that forget when the gold
ring of language drew
gleaming king’s english from
inkpots where schoolboys
found grammars of words
turned and tugged into
metaphors bristling with
quotable clarity singing
with syntax that Donne
might have taken his pause
for brief moment to taste
with that eloquent tongue

- Paul F. Lenzi



Stay not lost in pending silence,

Meanings drifting

On the tide of let’s forget,

Vacuum soul’s desire, upload,

Sustaining every purpose,

Fill emptiness, none lost, no sense of self regret.

Remember all and feel it with the urgings,

Empty words to air and fill your cup

With purpose pointed north,

Remember everything,

Replete, complete as nothing,

Love, the only magnet of true worth.

Creatively speaking

Many years ago my mother and I were having an argument.  It wasn’t a negative argument, more a difference of opinion.  But as I recall it was quite vehement.  You see my mother had just made a comment that I strenuously disagreed with.  She maintained that while her children were creative, she was not.  My mother believed that she was just a wife and mother.  Just!  JUST!

I was raised by loving parents.  They taught me to appreciate the world and to be curious about everything.  Like most children I was born naked and ignorant.  If anyone out there doubts the importance and value of a loving mother and father, then I respectfully say you’re nuts!

Not everyone has the great fortune to be raised in idyllic circumstances.  Some people have the wherewithal to raise themselves to be good people.  I basically didn’t have a choice.  Being surrounded by good people there was no other way than to follow their lead.  It was the path of least resistance.

I had a mother that every Halloween made my costume.  That’s not creative?  One year I was a black cat with a long black tail and whiskers.  One year I was an alien with a javex bottle helmet painted gold and a corrugated cardboard belt with matchbox compartments also painted gold.  With that one she apologized for not being able to make my ears  look like Spock from Star Trek, my eyebrows did!

My mother fed us wonderful meals every day.  She found ways to make us eat things we did not like, often without us realizing it.  My mother used her charm, her wit and yes her force of will to raise three children to be responsible and caring adults.  You think that’s not creative?

I believe that one of the most important jobs in the world is that of mother.  Well, a good mother.  A good father is also important especially if he has to take over the role of mother.  I don’t have any children so I can only speak from the perspective of one that was raised by good parents.  But the way I figure it the time and effort it takes to raise children to adulthood is mind-boggling!  To the mothers and fathers out there, kudos to you!  The world is a better place because of the job you did raising your children.  Now if that isn’t power I don’t know what is!

Let me leave you with a few pieces of advice my mother gave me over the years:

-        always wear clean underwear, you never know who may be looking

-        smile at people who are angry at you, it messes with their heads

-        a good person does what’s right, even when no one is looking

-        wallowing in self-pity is fine, for 15 minutes

-        a woman should be good in two rooms in the house, and one of them is the kitchen

God love mothers!



(A Guest Post From “Poesy plus Polemics”)

avalanching ethers

burst among solar flares

explosive with locust bytes

swarming in broadband storms

chomping through dark matter orbits

dimming the starlight

with sensory overload

to then disappear

massive cloud after cloud

into gestating bellies of

Cancer and Capricorn

reborn and transmogrified

carapaced, cloven-clawed

mandibled, sea-goats

voracious for unwrinkled brains

with pubescent attraction

to distraction of inane textese

reductive emoticonned moments

flashing frivolous acronyms

from voice-command gadgets

and chatspeaking thumbs

unable to utter

or finger-swipe

anything cosmic

to rescue the intellect

from cultural dross piled like grave-dirt

interring a species

that might have discovered

the soul of the universe

- Paul F. Lenzi



Shod, metallic footprint from the iron and the dust,

Imprimatur on landscape, on foreheads, blood-red rust,

Quivered for the arrows, seismic built for force,

Herald futures present, angelic voices hoarse.

Toppled from the bottom on legs too rarely straight,

Missing link presented, evolution’s backward gait,

Galloped on the sea foam, emerged from lowly heights,

Troglodytic vision, protusions limit sight,

Backwards, forwards facing, side by side, redact

Evidential actions, exclusive pacts retract

Fortunes for the future, markets’ falling stock,

Tempus fugit ages, seizure bell to clock.