Cairds Marked

Och aye, awa’ wi’ ye!

the likes a’ youse

that party oan oor backs,

think we cannae function,


excuse ye use

tae ride tae hell an’ back,

a union! ma erse it is,

a semblance,

folk aw ower

fucked afore they start,

bastarts fae the bullions

an’ their minions,

a shower a’ wankers

weaned tae it.

Cairds marked.



10 thoughts on “Cairds Marked”

    1. Thanks, Dom. It might just be the pronunciation and accent but if you let me know I’ll elaborate, in case there are ones I’ve used that are unique to this quarter. I’ve come across a fair few myself that are regional so I’d be glad to help.


  1. The point beyond cynicism, is it not? For me this is a slap-in-the-face rant at politicians and politics. After so much back-biting and lying is it any wonder people are disaffected?
    As we say round here; ‘wim ay saft’. (I’m sure you will be able to translate!)

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    1. Trouble is they think we are. A bit of plain speaking would go a long way if they but knew it. But out of touch in ivory towers, Babel comes to mind. Like your accent btw! Tried that one out. 🙂

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  2. I was struggling to get the context of the poem for sometime but thanks to your tags and a little bit of Googling, everything became clear.
    Firstly, isn’t the Scottish accent so beautiful? And with your voice, it becomes all the more better! And now if we place your words with the voice and accent, it becomes a political masterpiece. Simply awesome it is 🙂


    1. Thank you, Prateek. Yeah, I don’t really know what I was thinking to go all out on the accent and terminology except what Chris said. A slap in the face as hard as I could make it.

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