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While you were preoccupied, I stole into your home

You never noticed what I took even when I’d been and gone

I confiscated basic things, the ones that you’d ignored

And you were just so busy, I was not overheard

While sat before the TV, you did not see me there

And, if you had, would you have done a thing to show you cared

I don’t believe that you deserve to own the things withdrawn

For you were quite oblivious to what was going on

Distracted as you were by ice, by factors x and y

You have no right to now complain, to wring your hands and cry

So what, if now, you note they’re gone and want and need them there

I took them for my own ends and, quite frankly, I don’t care

I hold those things you thought were yours; your freedoms and your rights

Uninsured, no guarantee when unguarded out of sight

If you had raised your eyes, but once, beyond an oblong screen

How different might your future be, you might have looked and seen

That I am here, I’m always here, to steal the things you need

My raison d’etre: money, power; to satisfy my greed

Another chance? A do-over? A more attentive you?

Too late, too bad, you did not fight. You know my words are true.

Now here I stand instead of you, your rights crushed in my hand

Corruption rules, you did not move to fight nor make a stand

Escapades on gogglebox became reality

Back to your box

Or resist remote

Tune-out controlled TV


As Charged

Atoms that are loaded with potential, packed and brimming

Intentional infusions stocked and stored

Batteries of power, impregnable, informed

Ready to release of own accord


Costs have been recorded, bills accruing, payments due

Demands invoiced in columns that can’t match

Subscriptions to democracy pending rights renewed

Interest lost and gained, small print attached


Entrusted with a duty, that’s the theory, though no proof

Accountable inculpate, by design

Responsible as reprobates, acting outwith laws

Pretending to the jury that all’s fine


Careering in a stampede of confusion and illusion

Battle plans undrawn but troops deployed

Empire of the naked, Churchill’s children, through a peephole

Nothing to be seen till we’re destroyed


Heroic unto heraldry, pennants charged by sin

Unfurled but hanging limp at arm’s length

Wisdom gone in wind rush, petty racists of a flag

Diminished by the loss of common sense


So, atoms that are loaded with potential, packed and brimming

Intentional infusions stocked and stored

Batteries of power, impregnable, informed

Ready to release of own accord

Wheeler Dealers

scrap car


found a car and fuelled it

on philosophy

ran for miles, at first, that little beaut

but something went, its big end,

so unfortunately

traded in and no one guessed or knew it

a motor vehicle furnished with a wee box

for putting pennies in

to make it go

fed it full but, bugger, don’t you know it

it guzzled

charity, the needy, had to go

got another, this one was a belter,

no one knew the places it would see

all taxed and filled and raring for the open

a limousine built especially you see

fail safe gears and brakes

all paid for by some people

serfs, they were, or some such

it’s so fine

runs like clockwork

wind them

make it happen

philanthropy abused

for them and thine


needing new suppliers

for their buzzfeed



are pissed

taken to the breakers

to the cleaners

time for the knackers’ yard

where wheeler dealers

won’t be missed

Trogs and Love and Sainted Graves, Man

Fingal, Fillan, Ninian

Bless the caves but query spin

Mull and May and Isle of Man

From peaks, the sev’n kingdoms spanned

Staffa, Whithorn, Pittenweem

Rustic temples, Atlantis seen

Continents and cradles rocked

Uncivilised, the Troggs in shock

Athens, Georgia, REM

Please release the song again

Marti Pellow, rock and roll

Jefferson, Gracie, save our souls

Intolerable acts, from gauntlet, glove

Candida Casa, church of love

Ass’s jawbone, guns and hype

Media and talking tripe

Echoes from the caverns, keeps

Hand that rocks must never sleep

Ancient empires, Greece and Rome

Egypt, Britain, game of thrones

Democratia, languished, cursed

Hidden idol needing nursed

Legends, myths and music scene

Spin and discs, the science between

Troglodytes’ and sainted graves

Evolve, revolve, arise from caves

Music nurture, love and peace

Inter the caveman, war surcease

Flower power, children of light

Ffs, man! You know it’s right

The Horse’s Mouth

Your voice tells me

What I need to know

One among the many

Giving truths


Does not cut it

For me any more

I’d rather hear it

From the horse’s mouth.

I wanted to reblog this post here but I don’t know where the reblog buttons have been hidden on a number of sites now. WP glitch or me being thick?

Ashiakira writes beautiful haiku but today he steps out from that short form to write with the same truth and feeling on a situation of national and global importance.

I trust a man who has known the loss of war and desires peace. He speaks for his people even while his government rewrites their constitution. It is in posts such as this that I fully appreciate the real power and importance of blogging. Who else will tell us what we need to know with such honesty but a fellow human being living within the constraints of political machinations? We all know that place; the one where governments decide, press portrays its version but we don’t feel as they do. Please read these words from a beautiful soul.

Cairds Marked

Och aye, awa’ wi’ ye!

the likes a’ youse

that party oan oor backs,

think we cannae function,


excuse ye use

tae ride tae hell an’ back,

a union! ma erse it is,

a semblance,

folk aw ower

fucked afore they start,

bastarts fae the bullions

an’ their minions,

a shower a’ wankers

weaned tae it.

Cairds marked.


Plutocracy or Pissed At Politics….take your pick

This is my offering for mythological P today. I was going to do Prometheus. You know the guy. A big dude who stole fire from heaven and had his insides plucked out daily by the eagle for helping mankind. Definitely not a politician.

Then I did some more reading today. I know. It should be housework. But . Well, just but.

Speaking of butts…

I kept hearing the national anthem when I was writing this. Hum along now.


Mythological democracy

A legend once believed.

Plutocracy is now the way.

How ill, this child conceived.


Dump democracy,

Plutocracy rules the way!

Every one of us

is now its slave.


Kinda catchy don’t you think?

Check out this for democracy that’s lost the way. And whatever you do, try to ignore the face. It induces vomit. Just sayin’. No need to make ourselves more sick than we have to.



Rebirth Of Democracy

I have been reading so many posts on world politics at the moment. There seems to be universal disillusionment with the status quo. Systemic failure in how governments are elected and run.

Those who don’t ‘do’ politics may be excused. 😉 But, real politics is about ‘the people’. We are the people. Just sayin’.  You may now skip this page. 🙂

Had it up to here, it seems.

Politicians damage dreams.

Shit from high

To down below.

That’s not the way

It’s meant to go.


Servant doesn’t mean

You’re master,

Climbing up the ladder


Pushing others

At each rung.

Your voice first,

Your song sung.


An aria of fortitude

Speaks to others

Things of good,

Of nations all

Upon the earth.

Don’t they stink?

Time for



………..Labour with

Unending pain…….


……And shove……

Begin again.

……Gasp …….

…….And breathe…..

Sigh with relief!

New life born

And so belief


In all potential

If, with care,

We raise new child,

Remember where

Child of love needs

Parental approval,

Discipline, growth

Or else removal.


Freedom found in liberty

When liberty can mean license

To strut and brag, pontificate,

Shuts others into silence.

An x once more

Would mean a kiss

Instead of mark

To show they’re missed.


Voted out

By ballot box,

Click on internet.

This rocks!

Had it up to here

With some.

E-polls running.

This is fun!


Press a like

Or just remove.

At the end

This may prove

In whom we trust,

Who we approve.

Power, charged

With our lives,


Ongoing voting

Would despise

Those who thwart

All enterprise,

Hopes and

Dreams and



If adopted by

One nation,

Others may follow.

Watch this station –

Voting on

The internet,

Like and follow

Or forget.


No money then

To lead campaign,

No underhanded

Tactics gain

Market forces,


Oh, good grief,

They’d be so pissed!


I like my plan,

It has some merit,

Maybe we could

Name it ‘Ferret’,

Weaseling out

All sneaky natures,

Power hungry,

Not our saviours.


Just like Twitter,

WordPress, Facebook,

We’d all be members,

Take a look

At actions, words

Revealed by ‘them’

With ongoing reviews,

Just like OM


Did in Project O

Though smaller,

Opinionate or even holler

On forums

That discuss all news,

Share ideas

And points of views.



Thinking, feeling,

Sharing real life

And so revealing

Life in its raw

In many lands

So we may read

And understand.


Or do you think

They’d shut us down,

Claiming subversion

With a frown.

‘Access denied’

Would pop up then

On ‘Worldwidepress’

Not ‘News At Ten’


Where stories often

Don’t relay

The world we know,

Live in today.

I want to know

My fellow man,

And, if they know me,

Maybe we can


Reach a point

Where citizens live,

Who are prepared

To receive, to give

Some understanding,

Compassion, smile.

I’d like to try it

For a while.


Do you think

That if we dare

There’d come a point

When we wouldn’t care

About politicians

And their causes,

Writing laws,

Amending clauses.


Busy, busy


Power greedy,


Manic in their

Sense of worth.

Depleted patience.

I’ve had enough.


I’m such a blether,

This I know, but

There must be a

Better way to go.

Some refinement,

Might just work.

At last, we could sack,

Tell them to go to…….

………find employment elsewhere.


Video reading Rebirth Of Democracy