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Many times in

dewdrops’ globuled poise

impossibly balanced

on iridescent filaments

webs caught in shafts

in the rising

or setting of

sun-stained skyline

smearing qualitative 

palette in random streaks

into midnight blue’s depths

where fires lit higher

than my imaginings

stars calling attention

to glimpses of the glory

reflected love here

in every drop of blood

ever fallen to give life

in eyes awake

to first light

from chubby kisses

skin smoothed 

by loving hands

tender smiles 

bestowed unselfishly

from nature born

to nature birthed

I see perfection

taste it with my eyes

where wonder

never falters

at its constant



The Hollow

Let us go unto the hollow

where the well of deepest drink was dug before,

To sacred shaded hollow, carved from landscapes

told in tales from long ago of ever more.

Trust we in the hollow

whence abide relinquished dreams, past buried fates,

Restive shelter within hollow where,

with purpose, we will serve among frail wraiths,

Ghosts that haunt the hollow

seeking chances lost in pasts of empty tales

To drink again of dreams and fates,

sip nacre, dipped from hollowest of shells.

There in hollow shadows

we shall find the well again,

Unresisting, drown all sorrows

from the hollow of our pain.


Sunlight fuels the fire that flames within me,

Darkness makes the daytime disappear,

Your light flares the glowing embers,

Burns me up whenever you are near.

Ashes in your presence turn to splendour,

Phoenix now reborn inside your love,

Flaming flight in day and now in starlight,

In orbit pulled and pulsing from above.


No twilight here

of gods

in surrender

but battles raging,


longest winter.

No hope apparent,


raging thirst,

godless, manless


consumed by lusts.

No skies above,

no earth

or hell below,



old ways forego.

No end in sight,

each dawn a new creation,

old worlds

evolve and die,

rebirth nations.

No fear, despair

in prophecies 


Emerge, arise,

fire purified,

warmth from bitter cold.

Rebirth Of Democracy

I have been reading so many posts on world politics at the moment. There seems to be universal disillusionment with the status quo. Systemic failure in how governments are elected and run.

Those who don’t ‘do’ politics may be excused. 😉 But, real politics is about ‘the people’. We are the people. Just sayin’.  You may now skip this page. 🙂

Had it up to here, it seems.

Politicians damage dreams.

Shit from high

To down below.

That’s not the way

It’s meant to go.


Servant doesn’t mean

You’re master,

Climbing up the ladder


Pushing others

At each rung.

Your voice first,

Your song sung.


An aria of fortitude

Speaks to others

Things of good,

Of nations all

Upon the earth.

Don’t they stink?

Time for



………..Labour with

Unending pain…….


……And shove……

Begin again.

……Gasp …….

…….And breathe…..

Sigh with relief!

New life born

And so belief


In all potential

If, with care,

We raise new child,

Remember where

Child of love needs

Parental approval,

Discipline, growth

Or else removal.


Freedom found in liberty

When liberty can mean license

To strut and brag, pontificate,

Shuts others into silence.

An x once more

Would mean a kiss

Instead of mark

To show they’re missed.


Voted out

By ballot box,

Click on internet.

This rocks!

Had it up to here

With some.

E-polls running.

This is fun!


Press a like

Or just remove.

At the end

This may prove

In whom we trust,

Who we approve.

Power, charged

With our lives,


Ongoing voting

Would despise

Those who thwart

All enterprise,

Hopes and

Dreams and



If adopted by

One nation,

Others may follow.

Watch this station –

Voting on

The internet,

Like and follow

Or forget.


No money then

To lead campaign,

No underhanded

Tactics gain

Market forces,


Oh, good grief,

They’d be so pissed!


I like my plan,

It has some merit,

Maybe we could

Name it ‘Ferret’,

Weaseling out

All sneaky natures,

Power hungry,

Not our saviours.


Just like Twitter,

WordPress, Facebook,

We’d all be members,

Take a look

At actions, words

Revealed by ‘them’

With ongoing reviews,

Just like OM


Did in Project O

Though smaller,

Opinionate or even holler

On forums

That discuss all news,

Share ideas

And points of views.



Thinking, feeling,

Sharing real life

And so revealing

Life in its raw

In many lands

So we may read

And understand.


Or do you think

They’d shut us down,

Claiming subversion

With a frown.

‘Access denied’

Would pop up then

On ‘Worldwidepress’

Not ‘News At Ten’


Where stories often

Don’t relay

The world we know,

Live in today.

I want to know

My fellow man,

And, if they know me,

Maybe we can


Reach a point

Where citizens live,

Who are prepared

To receive, to give

Some understanding,

Compassion, smile.

I’d like to try it

For a while.


Do you think

That if we dare

There’d come a point

When we wouldn’t care

About politicians

And their causes,

Writing laws,

Amending clauses.


Busy, busy


Power greedy,


Manic in their

Sense of worth.

Depleted patience.

I’ve had enough.


I’m such a blether,

This I know, but

There must be a

Better way to go.

Some refinement,

Might just work.

At last, we could sack,

Tell them to go to…….

………find employment elsewhere.


Video reading Rebirth Of Democracy


Preserve yourself.

That’s getting old,

While frozen in the young.




That’s how it’s usually done.


Preserve yourself.

Don’t feel the pain

Or learn to love once more.




You’re fine. You won’t feel sore.


Preserve yourself.

Enjoy surcease

From all life’s pain and pleasure.



Dead to heart.

That’s how, preservation, we measure.


Preserve yourself.

Be by yourself.

Be heart whole and simply free.




You’ll live. Restricted you will be.


Preserve yourself.

Preserve your soul,

Your mind, your liberty.



And fantasise

Of all that you could be.


Preserve yourself.

Preserve the whole.

Feel and know your worth.


It comes

With joy and pain.

From all, there is rebirth.

Sensuality’s Song

Sexuality knows a secret,

It lives within the mind,

Nourishes the sensual soul,

Imagination finds



Sublime pleasures in the brain,

Transferred to earth by body,

Electrical compulsion blast,

Volcanic does embody



Eruption from the very core,

The mind, the heart, the soul,

Thankfulness in all its parts,

Making loving whole.



Re-release the woman,

Fulfil the song with glory,

Sing crescendos to the heavens.

Harmony, the story.



The man shown love with sensual song

Accompanying each new chorus,

Responds in loving heart’s desire,

Fountain flows and pours.



Celebrating love again

In joyous, radiant rapture,

Senses felt, all revealed,

Two hearts relive, recapture



A cosmic song when two belong

And love has found its path,

Fluorescent lights and stars

And mirth – such loving laugh.



A message then, if one you need,

Release the mind to know,

Reveal and celebrate to find,

Let all loving show.



Received in pleasure, given too,

Abandonment enhances,

Two rejoined in unity.

New life, new hope, new chances.



For life and worries can defeat

And thwart all expectation,

But mindful, soulful, sensual heart

Shows by demonstration.


Video reading Sensuality’s Song