The roles people play,

I play one too,

Many roles, in fact,

Not all portrayed,

Masks are donned for some,

How else to answer

Peace at any price,

All done and said?

Truth emerges,

Questions asked and answered,

Not all liked by all,

We are afraid,

Unanswered some,

Unquestioned yet, though pending,

Live with truth or

Die with fears instead.

Oh, the roles that we all play

Stretch out before us,

Past to present,

Now to future, splayed

As diagram and map,

Roads merge and fork still,

Winding on, unravelled,

Paused, waylaid.

The roles people play,

We see right through them,

Dislike the truth

And fear what must be said,

Masks removed, hand on heart, with courage,

Enacted life,

All roles, with fearless action, played.

Separated roles,

Each formed in passage,

Each demanding search,

A price be paid,

Purse in hand, tolls to meet on journey,

Troupers, enrolled in life,

Sets moved, stage laid.