heavenly splicing,

enter by dark rendered smile,

vault to all dreamscapes,

slipper of easing,

bespoke comforter, willing

angels’ yarn suspends

swing into knowing,

portal to passage transcend,

crescent moon dreamer

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Melting Pot

The hurting, faceless ones pored over others’ souls in words, amended intention, applied lessons and rewrit the gospel. According to one. Nuances of understanding merged, reformed, reborn. Succouring to union, unknown aim but concordant with ancient wisdom, the melting pot simmered, cauldron of broken limbs and hearts. Stirred by empathy, the magic began. Fluorescent shimmers, greens and purples, yellows to cobalt, metallicised oral blood letting. Tasty on palate, savoured as life in the raw. Sipped from runcible, penned with ink, tapped into life on a keyboard. Faceless, not voiceless, they charmed new life in bubbles no one could burst. Evanescence materialised by the many.