Sotto Voce

In the silence of the evening…

I can hear a bird of prey

calling into darkness,

sotto voce,

sotto voce.

Hidden from all vision,

folded wings around,

protected but alert

to quiet noise,

quiet noise.

Covert operation,

camouflaged to kill,

he bides his time to fly, ascend,

to soar, 

to soar.

Whispers far below

dart his eyes to view, blinking

readiness to prey pursue,

once more,

once more.

Nothing follows then,

I cannot hear a sound,

a hush descends upon the soul of dark.

It’s alright,

it’s alright.

Then I close my eyes  to sleep,

silence follows silence,

a fog, a chill around.

all through the night,

through the night.


Sotto voce begins again,

plaintive in its plea

and comforts me again.

The night’s



A Play Wot I Huvnae Writ Yet – recording

I’ve never done this before. Repost a post the same day I posted it. But I’m doing it anyway.

Now, the reason I’m doing it is because one of the bloggers I follow, DAF, and who kindly follows me, expressed a wish to hear the following post read by me.

I’ve ended up doing two versions because it was just begging me to read it in dialect. The other one’s (maybe!) still got an accent but should be understandable. I hope.


We need to know where our politicians lie (no pun intended, but hey, if the cap fits!) on the political spectrum.

They’re awfully good at telling us one thing while doing another. Whereas, words spoken previously, accompanied by actions, refute the lies and put them where their truths are. And I think we have a right to know that.

Now I gather from the number of visits that this post has had, compared to the number of likes, that not everyone feels the way I do. And that’s fine. Just so long as we are informed. Then we can really make up our own minds.

The Glesca version.


Accentless…..yeah, ok, whatever! 😉



Feel free to ignore if it’s not your cuppa. Or if you’ve already read this.  I thank you.

A Play Wot I Huvnae Writ Yet





So It’s Said

Understanding helps, so they say, so they say,

Understanding others shows the way.

So they say.

Loving matters most, so they say, so they say,

Loving others first, that’s the way.

So they say.

Seek and you will find, so they say, so they say,

Seek and you will find the right way.

So they say.

Ask and it is yours, so they say, so they say,

Ask and it is yours, that’s the way.

So they say.

Give first unto others, so they say, so they say,

Give first unto others, paves the way.

So they say.

All they say is true, still I say, still I say,

All they say is true, shows the way.

I still say.

But add unto the adages we say, that we say,

That love of self is vital for the way.

That’s my say.

Give unto yourself everyday, everyday,

Give unto yourself,

Come what may.

Believe the truths that matter to the world as we say,

‘I love you’ first, then reach out on the way.

What else to say?

Giving cannot give if it’s never given to, can I say, can I say?

Giving stops from giver,

The hard way.

Lessons to be learned, what to say, what to say?

One hand out to give while the other takes away.

Self-love for the growth.

That’s the way.

So I say.


A Play Wot I Huvnae Writ Yet

A wee play format. Tell me what you think.

Ok, I want to update you on the current political position here in Scotland and have to look at England too to do that. I know, hellish, isn’t it?

But, it gets a wee bit confusing, especially for folk not familiar with the parties here.

So, I’ll do my best.

In power we have the Conservatives/Tories – let’s call them Henry.

They didn’t have a majority at the last election so –

Liberal Democrats/LibDems got into bed with them – let’s call that shagging. The Lib/Dems can be Sally or Paul, if you like. I’m very open-minded.

The Labour Party –once renowned as the voice of the people are now called bastards by most of us here in Scotland. That would be because big Gordy – Gordon Brown to you – worked us over (allegedly, wink, wink) to save his own party/the union/the gravy train. The jury’s out on that one. He’s not as dense as he looks so what the hell exactly he was thinking is anyone’s guess. I have mine. Now big Gordy used to be the Prime Minister after he shafted Tony Blair who shafted other folk. What goes around and all that.

Ed Milliband – poor, helpless bugger that he is – well, have you seen him? Have you heard him? Yeah, ‘nuff said. He’s actually the leader of the Labour Party…..

…sorry, choked on my own spit there. All better.

Well, I would be if I didn’t feel so betrayed by a party that I have voted for all my life, feckin’ canvassed for years ago, paid my dues! So, traitors to the cause in my book. Done. Dusted. Never again. I’m usually very forgiving too. I don’t know what’s come over me. Lol!

So, um who else is there?

Oh, yeah. There’s a crew on the rise called UKIP – United Kingdom Independence Party. I don’t know that anyone ever calls them that. Helluva mouthful. Very hard to swallow. Just like them. Some very dubious words spurt forth from their leader – one Nigel Farage – fuck, you couldn’t make these names up!

He’s basically a plank. But a dangerous one. (Ever been hit over the head with a two by four? Exactly.) All the more so because he doesn’t have policies per se. Just ideas about stuff like immigration and the European Union. Stuff that you can use as a scapegoat for what is going wrong at a local or national level. (Nothing to do with government policies, you see.) It’s all everybody else. Foreigners and all that. You know them. Different coloured folk, folk that talk different languages and have a strange accent. Fuck! That’s us up here in Scotia. Yup, he doesn’t much like us. Fair do’s. I don’t like him. 🙂

Can we call them the Nigels? Nah, that doesn’t do them justice. Can I call them Ali or something? Something that would really piss them off? Yeah. Ali. That’s them. Oh, I want to post this to them!

There’s also the Green Party which kinda does what it says on the tin.

There will be other independents and so on but that’s the gist of the English crew.

Up here, in the thinner air where we breathe and see a bit clearer there are a few other options.

There is, of course, Scottish Henry, Scottish George and Scottish Sally/Paul. There’s even a Scottish Nigel Ali (stick that in your pipe, Nige!) much to my everlasting shame.

Henry’s been dying for a long time – pretty much rotting in the ground truth be told.

Nobody talks about the Scottish Sally/Paul any more. Because we’re too kind to say really awful things about people that can’t help themselves. Really, we are. Most of the time.

George has always done well here, sending a fair few MPs (Members of Parliament) to Westminster (in London/England – not Scotland – whole other country, fyi) But he’s gonna die now too. Mainly because he tried to commit suicide. Normally I would save folk like that from themselves. But, this time, I’m supplying pills/rope/ a big shove/ banana skin. Take your pick. I’m doing it with my next vote. So are thousands and thousands of us – millions actually. So, yeah. Deid! RIP. He once was a fine, upstanding man. I’ll mourn his loss. Long live the king, SNP/Greens/SSP. (Scottish Nationalist Party/Greens(duh)/Scottish Socialist Party.)

We’ll call the SNP, Eck or Nicola because they deserve a mention being as how one has just resigned to make room for the new young face of his then depute.

The Greens we’ll call Patrick because they have an MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament) called that. That’s nice.

The SSP we’ll call Colin because that’s the name of one of their spokesmen. .

I’ll insert here a political compass overview of the parties because it’s very useful. And I like inserting media. 🙂

Political compass uk



internationalchart pol compass

And mine?

pol compass mine

Yeah, me and the Dalai Lama. Best buds! I didn’t even know I was that Green.

I’ve lost the plot of this play! This is why I haven’t finished that bloody book, Mark!

I get sidetracked. But I do enjoy the journey.

So, now that that’s all as clear as mud to you, I’ll head back to the drawing board, Twitter, Facebook.…, damn it to hell, Mark! I’m doing it!

Just not in play format. I can’t cope with so many characters.