Caravan For Two

Come walk with me through city streets

Where citizens may meet and greet.

Into the parks we’ll wander, while

We touch and gaze and fondly smile.

Then to the countryside we’ll go,

Where no one there will ever know

Why two who lie in fields of green

Share a love that’s rarely seen.

Two who walk as close as we

Share such clear affinity,

Passersby will nod and see,

No need of others. No, not we.

Into the desert, caravan

Will lead us where no woman, man

Or child has ever ventured, then

We’ll journey space until we learn

That souls united cannot falter.

Love will conquer. This cannot alter.


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      1. I am well, Scottie, thank you for asking. The year’s end does seem to be moving along at a pretty good clip and for those of you still working, I’m sure it is flying by. Take care and have a good weekend. Blessings, Natalie 😉


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