Our Song

It’s possibly true there are no answers, just questions that abound.

At least that’s how it seems, sometimes. I’ve questioned then I’ve found

That nothing makes a lot of sense and even when it does

Shit happens for no reason. I wonder then because,

If I can’t make the heads or tails of all that’s going on,

What chance is there I get to sing my own special song?

We all have one, I have no doubt, a song made just for one,

Born with us and grown with us; desperate to be sung.

A harmony, that only we, can hear within our soul,

Hummed in time to all we do, trying to make us whole.

Listen well. I’ll listen too and maybe we will hear

The lyrics and the melody, pitched to make us cheer

At all the ways we can express what lies way deep inside.

Then maybe, we may fine-tune life and sing our song with pride.


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~ Peace & Love ~

Attitudes make all the difference. Peace and Love. Go, Rene! x

Mind Chatter

I am sharing this event today as it further illustrates how messed we are as a general society.

In Wal-Mart today, doing my shopping.  In my scooter I come into an aisle wherein there is a young Black man, jeans down around his bum, looking at the chips.  I try very hard not to judge people so it wasn’t even an option to be rude to this young man, there was no need.  His basket was in the middle of the aisle; I said, “excuse me”, and he politely moved it to the side.  A bonus for me was his words to me upon looking down at me in the scooter:  he said, “Oh sorry there, beautiful.”  I know I didn’t look beautiful, but just someone saying it was nice.  He moved his cart, I was able to get to the items I needed, and we went back to shopping…

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