Token Gifts

Will dreams suffice

Where once was life?

Does conscience

Soothe the soul?

Does memory lift

As token gift

For what may have

Made you whole?


Does slumber impart

To tender heart

Healing all, though

Unity forlorn?

Do angels haunt

Your sleep and taunt,

Reliving thoughts

Of being reborn?


Does desolation

Reside within

And put all life

To shame?

Are you awake,

Fantasies partake,


One name?


Will answers, though

You sought to know,

Relieve the

Ache inside?

Or, subtler ruse,

Elude the truth

And forever,

Seek to hide?


Woeful tears

For all lost years,


Does not die.

Far off to fate,

Hearts must wait,

Caring cries but

May not lie.


The Edge Of Grace


Balanced on the edge of grace,

Chasm on one side,

Cavernous and treacherous,

Deep and open wide.


A mountain reaches overhead,

Too sheer for easy climb,

Leaden thoughts match not physique,

Decisions at this time.


Ascension to the peak of one

Or bottomless yawning fall,

Neither giving much of hope

To anyone at all.


Teetering on narrow path,

Debris and shale all strewn,

Weaving, reeling shakily

Till answers may be known.


A lurching life of quantum strife,

Assess, evaluate,

Adjacent choices bound around,

One profound and one must wait.