Bathe, Fiddle, Sing

Egypt’s golden age defiled,

Historic records state,

Intangibles, all forgotten,

Resigned to fickle fate.

Bubbles of illusion burst,

Glamour all the rage,

History rewritten badly,

Burnt on to every page.


Rome, another, fallen thus,

All circus and a show,

Political machinations, manoeuvrings,

Citizens content to let it flow.

Corruption in the state

And in the status quo,

Learning left to others,

Leaders planned scenarios.


Britain in its empire days

All glory, majesty,

Worldwide fame and flags to plant,

Such a travesty.

Pride, the sin most deadly,

Altering the facts,

Blemishes on antiquity,

Everything out of whack.


Powerful becomes corrupt,

It’s written in the stars

And on all pages, in all books,

Dorian Gray revealed such scars.

Lessons from all ages,

From every corner found,

We look, ignore and perish,

Eyes focused on the ground.


Lift up our eyes,

Unto the skies,


The dawn arise,

Let golden glow be

Aurora’s show,

Not detonate

To die.


Amiss we stand,

Remiss we are,

While clowns cavort

In arena’s ring.

Nero fiddled,

Cleopatra bathed,

We dance

And laugh and sing.


The Common Enemy

….destruction came then…

heaving earth and

cataclysmic forces


each conspiring

to outdo the other

for supremacy.

sides had to be taken.

choices to be made.

nations rent apart

as logic and reason,

political treason,

pulled against emotion,

desire and devotion.




Common sense





And, united,

They defeated

The common enemy.




Overcome by love,


And great common sense.


I’m actually feeling fine! Just going with the doom and gloom of Hallowplunker. In case you were worried. 😉 Gonna depress the hell out of myself before this event appears. Skip on by if you’re already depressed. You don’t need this. Good deed done for the day. 🙂



Shrouded in a gloom

Of endless misery,

Darkened, black night


Substance, reality.




Acuity of eyes

And thoughts



Nothing revealed,

Shrouded in a gloom

Of endless misery

And shadows.


Right, I took a photo. In my head. I don’t do cameras very well. 😉 Picture it. Unending vista of ocean, sparkling in the sunlight meeting skies so blue and high. That’s it. That’s my photo. Can you see it?


Limited views,

Restricted vision,




Unending skies

And oceans

Should always

Conjoin, releasing

Untold conceptions.

Be My Better Me

In  darkness, you will find me,

Bring light to lead the way.

In dreams, your spirit leads me,

Breath on breath together.

In truth, you love me,

Better than another.

In troubles, you enfold me,

Bear my cares away.

In unity, we are one,

Be my better me.


My Space Cadet

Beautifully alien

And wonderfully bizarre,

From babe

To almost full grown.


Strange anomalies of life,

And others,

I’ve never known.

Like, ‘If I was painted the same colour as air,

Would I be invisible to you?’

And, ‘ If the Clyde could be bottled,

How many bottles would you need that to do?’


And, others more usual, like,

‘Where does the itch go

When you’ve had a really good scratch?’

I look on and puzzle and question

From where exactly did this amazing boy of mine hatch?


I was there,

I felt the pain

And gazed at this gift in my arms.

Little knowing then,

That as he grew,

I’d succumb to all of his charms.


Eighteen years later I marvel each day

And wonder that I never saw

That my six foot Adonis

Had the soul of a child, a child full of wonder and awe.

My space cadet with questioning green eyes

And a mind with tremendous insight.

I know, in my heart, that this babe of mine

Is a child that was born of the light.